Addicting style sites for men

As summer comes to an end and fall busts open its leaf-falling, cider-milling and pumpkin-picking doors, we tend to think that it is time to bust out the Uggs, unravel the scarfs and refresh our blog roll of daily fashion fixes.

Of course, men’s style inspiration is no exception. Whether you are a guy looking for some advice or a gal who loves to borrow from the boys, or well, anyone who loves seeing dogs wear human clothes, these blogs deserve a bookmark.

With styles from classic to eccentric, these sites are guaranteed to keep you clicking. Set aside a few precious web surfing minutes; these five men’s style sites may be too hard to resist.


Fruit Punch. The genius that is Sean Santiago may be the voice behind Fruit Punch, but take a second and read his posts. It’s kind of like you’re listening to him speak in the flesh, as his written voice has a way of popping right off the web page. The site is a mixture of Santiago’s style, preferred shopping stores, BTS designer stories and personal essays.

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He Spoke Style. When it comes to perfectly polished, classic men’s style, it’s not exactly second nature. How do you select a suit? What about grooming? How does one pick the right shoes?  We ladies don’t exactly want to be in your shoes. Thankfully, Brian Sacawa’s He Spoke Style is a wonderful site to tackle all those tough questions and teach you style 101.

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What Ali Wore. Prepare for your heart to fall and shatter when you read What Ali Wore. Zoe Spawton came across a man that walks past her work every morning that simply has stunning clothes. Sure, we have taken a few dapper style cues from Grandpa once upon a time, but what this site provides is much more than fashion advice.

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MYBELONGING. Tommy Lei gives us a little taste of everything on his personal blog. He discusses his “obsessions,”  new menswear designers and his “L.A. Diaries,” which is more of his personal local picks. This is just not a fashion resource, it’s more like Lei’s lifestyle site.

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Menswear Dog. A Shiba Inu that loves to wear denim. Do we need to convince you anymore?

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Polyvore Photo Illustration | Shannon Millard, Photo Editor