Families roam campus for CMU and You Day

Prospective students flooded the campus of Central Michigan University on Saturday for CMU and You Day, taking tours and exploring what could be their home in the near future.

With tie-string backpacks, maps in hand and parents by their side, they maneuvered through the buildings where they could find information on majors that interested them.

Sean Billisitz, accompanied by his parents Theresa and Pat Billisitz, said the highlight of CMU and You Day for them was visiting the College of Business Administration.

“We got to meet specific marketing department representatives, which was really nice,” Theresa said.

Since Billisitz would like to major in business, being able to meet administrators, organizations and learn more about the program is a way to see if Central is the right fit.

“The food was really good, too,” Billisitz’s dad said about the complimentary lunch they ate at Fresh Food Company on East Campus. “We tried a little bit of everything.”

CMU is one of three universities Sean is looking to attend for his undergraduate degree. Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University are still contenders.

Lauren Bergeron, a prospective transfer student from Oakland Community College, also has been scoping out other colleges in order to find the best way to finish her undergraduate degree in athletic training.

“I visited Michigan State yesterday and am also looking into U of M,” she said. “Yesterday, the presentations at Michigan State were more for transfer students, (while) today it seems like it’s more for freshmen.”

The presentations were one of Bergeron’s favorite things from CMU and You Day.  The presentations throughout the day included information about majors and what opportunities they offer, how to afford college and campus tours that showed visitors the expanse of the university.

“I also think it’s really cool that they have this on a game day and give us tickets,” Bergeron said.

Fenton High School student Alyssa Trapp was pleasantly surprised by CMU and You Day.

“I want to major in journalism or IPR,” she said. “And I didn’t know there was an IPR major here.”

Trapp is a part of Yearbook, the school newspaper and a photo editor for her high school.  She attended a summer camp at Central where she had the chance to meander through Moore Hall and work with the technology available to communication students.

“I’ve also been looking at Lawrence Technological University and Western Michigan University,” Trapp said. “But my teacher told us that CMU has award-winning publications.”

As the sidewalks started to thin out and families made their way to the football game or their vehicles to voyage  home, CMU and You Day marinated in their thoughts for the future.  The campus, the majors available, the opportunities that Central Michigan has to offer and even the cafeteria food will be a factor in their decision to make Central their new home.