Fashion Preview: Threads Producer on What To Wear This Fall

Muskegon senior and apparel merchandising major, Miranda Tehove models one of this fall’s top styles: 70’s inspired wide-leg jeans. The jeans were made by fashion design student, Jason Gagnon. (Tanya Moutzalias | photo editor

I love coming back to Central Michigan University in autumn to see all of my friends, grab coffee at local hot spots, begin new classes and adventures, but most of all I love fall fashion trends. Being a student myself with a tight budget, I do realize it’s hard for college students to jump on the trend train and head to fashion city. That is why I am talking about what students should be wearing this fall, and what should be padlocked in a dark closet.

Runways this year had many options for students to add to their wardrobes. The top theme came from ‘70s inspired fashion such as skinny jeans, wide leg pants, and long maxi dresses. Consider the maxi dress your friend because it’s easy to accessorize.

Vogue magazine wrote a plea during the summer begging people to stop the skinny jean insanity and embrace wide leg pants, and no you will not look fat. I have officially joined this side of the debate. At first the skinny jean trend was a very cute, but there should be a warning label on them. Everyone looks like they are elves and has a night job making toys for Santa, and it seems that skinny jeans are sold to the wrong customer.

Stores to avoid are Old Navy, Aero and fast fashion retailers. Instead mix and match vintage pieces from antique stores. There are some hidden gems with stores such as Urban Outfitters who carry a modern and casual style to get the modern meets vintage and retro feel. For those individuals who are crafty, try dissembling older garments and making something new from them.

Miranda Tehove pairs together a sleveless summer floral with a leather jacket for the fall weather. (Tanya Moutzalias | photo editor

Other autumn trends to consider are faux fur, pleating, biker apparel, and plunging necklines. For my retro girls who insist on feeling like they are reliving a past fashion life, the 1950s and 1960s still maintained their charm this fall. Floral prints made a random but welcome addition for falls.

Fall color trends didn’t seem to offer anything revolutionary. Designers used classic colors such as orange, marigold, brick brown and fire-engine reds, mustard, and olive tones. If you’re not a redhead or someone with warm coloring with red and gold undertones in hair, skin, and eyes, you may be cringing at the thought of these colors next to your face.

For you, there are options such as lemon yellow, deep teal, champagne, plum, deep periwinkle blues, and fuchsia. Neutrals to consider for your wardrobe are the grays, rich browns, and navy.

Accessories have a 1970s feel mixed with the minimalism of today. Designers paired tailored garments with large basic gold chokers or armlets.

For handbags, oversized bags to throw everything into and basics clutches or small totes are trendy this fall. Basic shaped clutches work wonderfully when paired with faux furs to soften the hard look.

Shoes on the runway were constructed from materials like faux reptile, patent leather, suede, and satin. Heels ranged from spiked to chunky or even platform wedges.

Speaking of shoes, be a bit practical and honest with yourself this fall. If you’re trying to strut and look sexy in four-inch heels walking to class, but end up looking like a wounded deer, then don’t do it. You can be a sexy by wearing fashionable flats without looking like you’re in pain.

Now I know the feather trend is popular on campus this fall. These hair extensions were cute during the summer when you got to be a little summer bohemian birds of paradise look with all your girlfriends. However, if you fail to get rid of these by Halloween they should become part of your Mean Girls inspired Big Bird costume.

Hair trends for this autumn are particularly forgiving for you late minute risers who rush to class in cut off central sweatshirts, Ugg(ly) boots, Northface coats, and leggings.

Braids, wildly tousled looking top buns, straight across bangs, pixie cuts, and vivid shades of red and blonde hair dominated runways this fall. It’s time to grow out the long in the front and short in the back bob haircut and opt for more of a natural wavy shoulder length style.

My Central party girls will love the neo-beehive and Brigit Bardot inspired volume full hair, but lets leave Snooki as source of entertainment and not a beauty and style icon. Ladies this means no more bumpits, dragon lady claws, snatch level hemlines, and orange skin.

A bold lip is a girl’s best friend this falls makeup trends whether in reds, mahogany, pinks, or even orange-reds. Smokey eyes have gone from overly smoked out to a more colorful variety. Bold brows have returned and replaced the pencil thin drag queen like brows of previous seasons. Nails will benefit from bright red, metals, greige a mixture of gray, brown and beige shades. Unfortunately, the crackle nail polish trend is here to stay for a bit longer.

Remember when you’re running to class dressed in Central apparel and leggings, there are options that will offer you fashion salvation.

If I see you dressed as Snooki’s second cousin from Michigan, I will show no mercy this semester. Excuses like “It’s simply too early to take time and make myself look presentable for the general public” are no longer optional.

Brush and braid your hair, put on a nice maxi dress with a biker jacket, and warm your dorm room by the heat of burning skinny jeans this autumn. I promise that I won’t tell your residence assistant that it was my idea.