Shy No More, Stand Out this Spring

Color blocking, abstract florals, boxy sheaths and bright colors were all seen at this years Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Find out styles and trends to incorporate into your spring wardrobe to stand out this spring.

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week spring ready to wear 2012 (Justine Young)

A Chinese proverb states “spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.” While normally this proverb is rather correct, it may of failed to acknowledge the fashion presented at this year’s electrifying Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week starting Sept. 8, 2011 at Lincoln Center near Central Park in New York City for spring/summer ready to wear. Nothing will thaw a person out more than this spring/summer’s vibrant color palettes, strong silhouettes, and attention seeking prints.

All the designers this year at Fashion Week were on the same page when it came to their color palettes.  It almost felt like all the designers had sat in the same Kindergarten classroom, armed with a box of the most vibrant shades sure knock out your winter blues and greys. Check out tangerine, geranium, mint, grass green, canary yellow, poppy red and cockatoo. Think of cockatoo as a turquoise and Mint love child. Navy has also officially claimed the throne as the go to neutral for the season, while sandstone and safari honey browns are also on hand to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Colorblocking remains very popular this coming spring and summer. What better way to bring in the colors than by pairing cockatoo with tangerine, canary yellow with grass green, or poppy red with geranium or tangerine. For those who want to try color blocking and without shielding your eyes when looking in a mirror, try navy with this season’s luscious shade of mint. It offers a cool and sophisticated touch without “assaulting” everyone’s eyes with color.

While floral prints for spring/summer is by no means a new concept, how they were presented offered something unfettered and fresh. Designers looked back to paintings from artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Vincent Van Gogh, vintage prints, or digitally enhanced prints. These inspirations were then translated into vibrant and often abstract eye candy.

Please note that while shedding layers and unwanted weight gain thanks to being incredibly lethargic during winter break, silhouettes offered for spring and summer will have you jumping on your cardio weight blasters faster than a sale at –Insert favorite retailer here-. It is evident after observing many of the collections that the 1920s have officially landed. Flapper inspired dresses, hats, and styling are sure to thrill my vintage loving girls. Also to add to a wardrobe is chic but easy sportswear, boxy shaped sheaths and coats, bold angles, poetic draping, and delightful peplums.

For my girls that are more about ease and less about dresses, the pants and trousers offered by designers this spring/summer would leave you with endless possibilities. Pants will be available in prints, solid colors, draped styles, and the fresh ¾ cropped length, which demands a bootie or wedge companion to accompany them.

It appears that after a long and dreary winter we will not be noticing the slow withdrawal of snow, nor the budding of trees, or birds squawking as they return from the far away places we hope to visit during spring break. It will be the vibrant, energetic looking women we notice as they herald the return of spring.