Students enthusiastic about being back at CMU

Summer has faded away, but the first week of classes brings enthusiasm for new and returning students on campus.  From classes to participation in organizations, students told GCMag what they want their year at CMU to entail.

“I’m looking forward to the classes more than anything,” Devin Graham, a junior, studying family studies, said.  “I’m finally deep into my major, so I get to really focus on the family and youth.”

Biomedical science major, Patrick Salo, said he was most excited about staying involved in the Science Technology Residential College, Global Brigades and the fraternity he is in.

“I’m most looking forward to staying busy and meeting new people,” he said.  “A lot of what I’m doing is introducing new people to the groups.”

Multicultural advisor, Shelby Eagan, who is a senior studying environmental science and biology, will also be meeting a lot of new people this year.  She told GCMag that seeing the new students move in was one of the best things about being back at CMU.

“Also, just being back in the swing of things,” Eagan said, “And getting used to the campus again.”

Melissa Kraft, a Pre-Vet major, also hopes to get A’s this semester.

Students enthusiastic about being back at CMU from Grand Central Magazine on Vimeo.

“I want to keep up my grades, study as much as I can, and just have a great time with friends,” she said.

Deonte Rodgers, a sophomore studying psychology had the same academic goals.

“I hope I can get some A’s in my classes,” he said.  “I also hope to rejoin the Central Debate and Forensic Team.”

GCMag asked Jerrell Redwin, a freshman studying business management, how he intended on making this year the best, he said by finding a way to balance school and fun without stressing himself out.

Brittany Hild, a history major in her last semester at CMU, had a different outlook on what her year might involve.

“I want to take a year off and teach English in France,” she said,  “Or to Ireland and either do another internship at the Museum of Ireland, or maybe become an internship adviser between CMU and the national museum.”

The best part about being back at school for communications major Jennifer Drum is the community and the environment.

“Everybody’s so friendly and welcoming, and there’s so many opportunities to get involved.”

De’Andre Coleman, a freshman studying entrepreneurship, agreed there are opportunities for students on campus.

“For me, it’s a fresh start because I’m transferring intoo a new school,” he said.  “The freedom and the experience of being by yourself and learning.”

“There’s something about being home and being somewhere that I’m not comfortable and somewhere where I’m not used to my surroundings so that I can just grow as a person,” Coleman said.

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