Talking Spring 2017 Entertainment with CMU’s Program Board Director

Story by Jasmine Pope
Photo Courtesy of CMU Program Board Facebook Page

With the new semester starting and students settling into their first week of classes, Program Board is already prepared to incorporate some entertainment into the busy schedules of CMU students. Finishing their spring semester calendar in the fall, they are already one step ahead on program planning. This new semester will include a variety of programs and events to appeal to the interests of students. Especially those who enjoy movies, Pinterest and parties!

Executive Director, junior Angie Distelrath, gave us a brief description of the upcoming events and the planning techniques used to make them successful.

Grand Central: Can you tell us exactly what a Pinterest Party is?

Angie Distelrath: Well everyone sort of knows what Pinterest is and it’s always been a theme for Program Board so, all we do is choose a theme and have food and drinks and invite people to do arts and crafts based around the theme we chose. One year we did a 90’s theme, a Holiday theme, and another year we did a CMU Fire Up theme and made ribbons and coasters.

GC: So what themes did you have in mind for this semester?

AD: Well I know we were thinking of doing a St. Patrick’s Day themed Pinterest Party typically because everyone celebrates the holiday even if they aren’t Irish. I think we’d get a good crowd out.

GC: How long do the parties usually last and where are the parties usually held?

AD: It’s a 2 hour block where people are allowed to come and leave freely, the environment is really chilled and people come alone or come with friends and just socialize. We’re trying to change venues this year, so our new target location is East Campus Herrig classrooms.

GC: How do you go about picking movies to show on campus?

AD: We try not to show movies we know the campus wouldn’t be interested in and that are also still pretty new and have not been put on DVD yet. We do brainstorming sessions and that’s how we ultimately pick them. We also do evaluations and ask students exactly what they want from us.

GC: Is there anything else that’s done in the process of picking movies?

AD: We also think about whether we want to do a slumber party movie night where people are able to bring blankets, wear pajamas and relax or the normal movie nights on campus.

GC: Is there any events specifically that you are looking forward to?

AD: I’m really looking forward to the Pinterest parties! And also, our applications will go up on Orgsync in early February for anyone who wants to be involved or wants an E-board position.

GC: What is your social media so people will be able to keep up with the events for the semester?

AD: Facebook: CMU Program Board, Snapchat: @CMUPROGRAMBOARD, Twitter: @CMUProgramBoard, We don’t use Instagram as much.

Stay on the look out for posters around campus with the finalized event information.