Thanksgiving away from home, students improvise

When a majority of Central Michigan University students have packed their bags and voyaged home to spend Thanksgiving break with their families, a few students stay in Mount Pleasant, the town fairly empty of their peers.

As dorm rooms clear out for the weekend, closing Nov. 27 at 7 p.m., Saxe, Herrig and Celani Halls remain open for student athletes and international students that reside there.

“The front door is always open,” said Bryan Boatner, senior and resident assistant at Saxe Hall.

Some students with hometowns or relatives in other states do not have the luxury of visiting their family for the Thanksgiving break.

“I’m from Detroit,” Boatner said. “I was a military brat growing up and right now my family is stationed in Kentucky.”

Although Boatner’s family is in another state, he still indulges in the Thanksgiving food.

“Last year I went to KFC and got side dishes and then went to Walmart for a 10-piece chicken bucket and there you go, a big Thanksgiving dinner,” Boatner said.

Across the street from Kentucky Fried Chicken, at the intersection of Mission Street and East Chippewa Street, there is a Family Video where Boatner said he has rented movies in order to end the Thanksgiving holiday with entertainment.

“One year it was me and a few RAs,” Boatner said. “We threw a potluck dinner in the common area.”

Although the cafeterias are closed during the holiday, coming together to socialize and feast creates bonding for those staying in Mount Pleasant.

Other students stay in order to pick up shifts at work.

“I work at Fresh [Food Co.] and Burger King,” sophomore Deonte Rodgers said.

Rodgers said that Thanksgiving break does not affect Rodgers’ schedule very much because of his classes being two days a week rather than everyday. Most of his time is dedicated to work.

“I work 60 hours a week,” Rodgers said. “Twenty-five hours at Fresh [Food Co.] and the rest at BK.”

Students staying in Mount Pleasant or going home for the weekend will have a few days to recover from the semester before embarking on finals week.

“I will probably just be chilling and relaxing,” Boatner said. “Definitely watching Netflix all day.”