The College Diet: Fat Burning Eats

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo by Anne Langan

Losing weight can be difficult.

Trying to incorporate a healthy diet, exercise and eating the right calories, carbohydrates and fats is no easy task, and there is no magic pill to lose the extra pounds.

But, there are foods that help burn fat while snacking. Try these fat burning eats to start your healthy lifestyle journey.

Nuts (with the skin)
If you’re in a hurry, grabbing a handful of nuts before you leave can help you curve your hunger. Along with keeping you full, they also build muscle and reduce cravings. By grabbing a handful of almonds, brazilian or other nuts, you are not only keeping hunger at bay, but burning fat at the same time.

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a fan-favorite (unless you’re allergic) for most. Peanut butter helps boost testosterone and burns fat while helping build muscles. It’s hard to believe that something as good as peanut butter can be so healthy, but believe it.  

While not all fish is going to help you burn fat, there are some that will. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna help trigger fullness, so you aren’t eating everything and anything that is in front of you. Fatty fish also triggers fat burning, making it easy to enjoy your favorite food while staying healthy.

Before you head to the store to buy grapefruit, this does not mean cover your whole grapefruit in sugar in attempt to make it taste better.

Eating grapefruit regulates blood sugar and metabolism while giving you a sweet treat, almost like eating candy. In order to get all the nutrients from it, make sure you’re eating every part inside the grapefruit.

Lean meats
When eating meat, you are actually burning fat. You burn about 30 percent of calories the food contains during digestion.

Protein has a thermogenic effect, which increases metabolism while eating food. Continuing to eat lean meats will not only help increase your protein, but will help you burn more calories.

Low-fat Dairy Products
Low-fat dairy products don’t just help build and preserve muscle mass, but also contains a lot of vitamin D.

Both of these are key components in maintaining a high metabolism, leading to more calories being burned while eating.

Whole Grains
Whole grains always seem to have a bad rep because who actually likes whole wheat?

Well, lots of people do. Whole grains allow your body to break down twice as many calories while eating them than processed foods. So next time, when you’re questioning if you should eat the whole grains, you definitely should.

Losing weight is not easy task, but with these fat burning eats, it may make things a little bit easier.