Top do’s and don’ts from 2012

Every year brings new fashion trends that  either cause fashionistas to jump up and down with glee, or grimace and wonder, ‘what were they thinking?’  2012 was a year filled with color, pattern and statement pieces.  Fashion trends soared featuring peplum skirts as must-have statement pieces, as well as colored and patterned pants.  These pieces took over, being featured in most, if not all, department stores across the country.  Other trends turned out to be fashion faux pas, like the cutout dresses that risked overexposure, as well as the corky and childish animal hats.  Now that 2012 has come to a close, here’s a look at the top do’s and don’ts of fashion in 2012.

Top Do’s


Peplum skirt from

Peplum shirts, skirts and dresses became one of the biggest new trends in 2012.  This shape accentuated the waist and drew the eyes away from the hips, creating a flattering shape for different body types.  The peplum is a classy way to update a work wardrobe, is romantic enough to wear on a date, and is a versatile look for any occasion.

Colored & Patterned Pants

Eyes have gone south with pants taking over the fashion scene in the summer months.  An array of colored pants stocked the shelves of stores everywhere, from bright blue to berry red.  Not only did colored pants make a statement, but patterned pants did as well.  From tribal to floral to animal print, pant patterns could easily be matched with a basic top to create a 2012 must-have outfit.


Collars were seen all over the runway, becoming one of the top trends from Fall Fashion Week in New York.  Collars were once seen to be business-like and not fashionable, but that changed in 2012.  Collars were embellished with studs, pearls and jewels to enhance an old look.  Collars became such a big fashion statement that collar necklaces became popular as well, which could spice up a plain shirt for a stylish new look.


Studs and spikes became popular in 2012 with the rise of the rocker chic image, but this was not the only image that indulged in studs this year.  The topic of studs creates an image related to “goth style,” but this year, simple studs were put on classic silhouettes to create a more sophisticated use of studs with a little bit of sass.


Pretty pastels in colors like pink, peach, cream and mint were huge in spring 2012 through the end of the year.  Pastels not only made a statement in blouses, but in dresses, pants and jewelry as well.  These pastel ensembles radiated romantic chicness that could be worn to tea or cocktails.


Top Don’ts

High-Low Skirts

High-Low Skirts, also known as “mullet skirts” where the hemline in the back is longer than the front, is one fashion trend that should stay in 2012.  The asymmetrical hemline seems to have the best of both worlds with the conservative long length in the back and the short length in the front, but it tends to remind others of Billy Ray Cyrus and his late mullet days.

Animal hat from

Animal Hats

Animal hats started to make a breakthrough after being spotted on celebrities like Snookie from Jersey Shore.  These hats that looked like stuffed animals became a trend that could be found anywhere.  Stuffed animals were made for children to play with, not to be worn on an adult’s head, but these hats that come in a variety of zoo characters had become a serious fashion statement in 2012.


Sheer can be fashionable and sophisticated, but only if it is worn correctly.  Many wore sheer with simply bandeaus or bras, which is why sheer is a 2012 don’t.  Tank tops or camisoles should always be worn under sheer blouses because no one wants to be embarrassed by an accidental wardrobe malfunction.


Cutout dresses and shirts have rose to popularity in 2012, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing this look.  These cutouts can expose parts of the arm, midriff, back or neck.  Extreme cutouts that reveal many of the listed places at once makes you wonder how much skin people are willing to reveal.

Bras tops

Bra tops were featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 lines of many designers, one being Jason Wu’s collection.  Although these tops were strut on the runway, it doesn’t mean that they should be a new street wear trend.  Bra tops look essentially like undergarments and expose the midriff, leaving little to the imagination.