Wine Wednesday: Wine myths debunked

Whether it be something we heard from our wine-loving friends or something we read, there are all kinds of myths circulating about wine.

To be sure you’re in the know, read below to find out some of the most common misconceptions about our favorite grape-based beverage.

1. Expensive wines are better wines.

Oddly enough, wine prices are influenced by other factors besides quality. Wines from less familiar grapes, places and producers — especially imported wines — can surprisingly offer a quality taste for a cost that won’t break the bank.

2. Sweet wines are for beginners, not educated palates.

Some of the greatest wines across the globe are sweet. Ice wines and sauternes are extremely flavorful and age-worthy. Generally, the more educated palates are the ones they most appeal to.

3. Serious, aged wines are sealed with a cork.

Truthfully, screw-capped wines can age just as well as wines sealed with a cork. In fact, some would argue that they age even better. There is no technical difference between the type of caps and the aging process.

4. A large, nicely decorated bottle means the wine must be good.

A heavy glass bottle can mean that the wine company invested heavily into their packaging. However, it does not guarantee the wine will have great quality. Usually this means the wine is ripe and has aged for an extended time – which can be good for some palates, and bad for others.

5. Big companies only make good wine, not great wine.

While this myth is one that is commonly thought to be true, big companies have proven it false time and time again. Bigger companies have deeper pockets, richer resources and the talent to make great wine within their mass-production facilities. While it’s true not all corporations rise to the challenge, there are many that do.