Braids an easy, convenient hairstyle for girls on the go

French, fishtail, headband braids – they are the “it” hairstyle being seen on celebrities like Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams and Miley Cyrus – on the red carpet as well as off.

Not only are braids classic for an important event, but they are also an easy and quick way to manage the just-out-of-bed look when running a tad late.

“I wear braids probably three times a week,” Erika Johnson, a Port Huron senior, said.  “I braid my hair when I have a lazy day and don’t have time to do my hair.”

When asked if convenience or style was the reason that Johnson wore braids, she said that both came into factor because she likes the look of braids.

She’s not the only one taking hold of the trend.  Grosse Pointe Farms junior Kaley Sheldon had her hair French braided halfway down, letting her blond curls flow as the braid sat on her left shoulder.

“I wear braids a lot,” Sheldon said. “Probably about once a week.  I have a boxing class in the morning and had it braided all the way down earlier.”

Sheldon usually wears French braids, fishtails or braids across her forehead to keep her hair out of her face throughout the day.

Braids fill Pinterest, Tumblr and fashion blogs, allowing girls to learn the craft and incorporate these beautiful braids into their weekly hair routine.  These sites offer pictures, diagrams and how-to videos on how to imitate the braids seen on the celebrities.

“Some of the braids on Pinterest are out of my realm of braiding technique,” Johnson said, but she admitted her attempts to imitate a few step-by-step braiding diagrams.

Johnson, wearing her brunette hair pulled back in an outward French braid down her back, said that she receives a lot of compliments on her braids, which is another incentive in incorporating this convenient hairstyle into her wardrobe.