Fall Treats: Get ‘Em While You Can

Fall has arrived in full force on Central Michigan University’s campus. The warm summer afternoons have been traded for cool, crisp air.  Students’ tank tops are swapped for chunky sweaters and sandals are replaced with brightly colored rain boots.

The changing of the leaves signals an end to summer activities, but it also hints to the long-awaited return of some of our favorite autumn-inspired foods and drinks.

Everything Pumpkin

Starbucks lovers, rejoice – pumpkin spice latte season has returned! Iced coffees and teas can finally be traded in for their equally delicious hot counterparts. Add in a splash of pumpkin flavor and you have yourself the ultimate late night study coffee.

Not into coffee? No need to fear, there is a pumpkin-flavored something for you to enjoy, too. From pumpkin ice cream and pie to pumpkin PopTarts and marshmallows, grocery store shelves are overflowing with this seasonal flavor.

Cider and Doughnuts

It’s not just kids who love a warm cinnamon and sugar coated doughnuts dunked in freshly made apple cider. College students go crazy for them, too.

Warm or cold, cider and doughnuts are always a fall combination worth enjoying multiple times a season. You can spend an afternoon getting lost in corn mazes at Uncle John’s and pop into Papa’s Pumpkin Patch for some warm cider and doughnuts.

Candy Corn

No one can explain why this pure sugar candy is so amazing, but we all know you can never eat just one – or even just one handful. Be sure to stock up on this seasonal treat while you still can.

Chocolate, caramel apple, and other creatively flavored ones are available, but we all know the original is the only way to go.

Fresh Michigan Apples

Apples are available year-round. However, pure Michigan apples are only available in fall. Whether picked at an apple orchard or purchased from the grocery story, no other fruit beats the delight of biting into a crisp, juicy, Michigan apple.

Baked, dipped or eaten right off the tree, you can’t go wrong with any kind of apple —just don’t forget the caramel dipping sauce.

Sweet Potatoes

While available year-round, sweet potatoes are ripest in the fall, not to mention they taste better when paired with the cooler weather fall brings.

Baked whole with brown sugar and cinnamon or cut into fries and sprinkled with salt, there is a ton of ways to serve them. From slicing them into thin delicious chips or making them into delectable truffles, sweet potatoes are one food that everyone can make — no matter how many years of cooking experience you’ve had.