Lisa Frank is back, being sold at Urban Outfitters

Lisa Frank is making a reappearance with a set that includes folders, erasers and sticker books donning the brand name available at Urban Outfitters. The rare, limited edition vintage collection will give those fond of rainbow-colored unicorns who grew up in the 80s and 90s a chance to relive childhood dreams.

“Over the years, I always tried to save 10 of everything and put it in our library, but we never saved it to sell,” Frank said in an interview by Urban, referring to the vintage collection. “It was really hard for me to say yes to because we just have so little of it left.”

Frank let go of her inhibitions and agreed to sell these limited pieces at Urban to attract the nostalgic adults who collected the school supplies as children.

“A huge part of our fanbase is the Urban shopper, because they grew up with Lisa Frank,” she said.

The limited edition items of the collection have increased in price since their debut in the 80s and 90s.

The Lisa Frank Limited Edition vintage tri-fold binder set is being sold at $35, which includes the tri-fold binder, two pocket folders and a sticker sheet, while the spiral notebooks are being sold at $10.

Each item sold is unique and has been “hiding away in Lisa’s own secret stash and may have subtle imperfections,” Urban states under each item’s details.


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