Three ways to wear flannel

One of the best ways to keep warm this fall is by layering, and what better way to layer than with a flannel? Flannels are cozy while still being stylish and they offer many different outfit options.

A flannel in its simplest form is a beautiful thing. Layered over a simple tank top or one with lacy detail, flannel is comfortable and warm. Pair it with your favorite jeans plus a comfortable pair of shoes, and you’ve got the perfect outfit for walking through campus on a breezy fall afternoon.

With a somewhat Indian summer striking campus, you may find yourself overheating in your flannel during the afternoons. Layering can make a big difference in looking stylish and maintaining a comfortable temperature all day long. By pairing a cardigan over your flannel, you give yourself some extra warmth in the earlier part of the day, before the temperature rises.

However, when you get warm later in the day you can either roll up the sleeves on both your cardigan and flannel, or take your cardigan off and roll up your flannel sleeves.  Layering and removing layers is the perfect way to stay cute and cooled off.

While the weather is ideal now, in just a few weeks it is going to get chilly. A flannel can still keep you warm, as long as you add a few extra accessories. A scarf is always a great way to go for extra warmth while still looking cute. A knit hat is also good for keeping warm and it compliments your flannel. If it’s really chilly, try layering a jean or leather jacket. Layer it up and stay warm in your flannel this fall.


Photo | Cody Debona