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Grand Central Magazine captures the unique lifestyle experiences of the students at Central Michigan University.
We’re about what makes college and life worthwhile, expressed through content you won’t see elsewhere.

Meet Our Editorial Staff


Editor-in-chief: Jordan Price, jordan.price@gcmag.org.

Jordan is a senior at Central. In May 2019, she will graduate and finish her 4-year plan as a dual major in both communication and English language and literature with a minor in journalism and an undergraduate certificate in creative writing. She is also the Editor-in-chief of the campus’s literary journal, Central Review, and works as an office manager for Robinson Residential Restaurant. Upon receiving her B.A.A, Jordan plans to obtain a job in editorial at a book publishing company in New York.

Visual Managing Editor: Xavier-Thomas Mendoza, xavier.mendoza@gcmag.org

Xavier is a senior, graduating in May 2019, studying photojournalism with a  minor in psychology. Besides working for Grand Central, he is also the President of the Asian Cultural Organization and a reporter for WCMU Public Radio and does some video work for SAPA.  After graduation, he plans to find work in any professional newspaper or any photo-related position.

Copy Managing Editor: Zachary Newhouse, zachary.newhouse@gcmag.org

Zach is a sophomore who also works with Sports Central as an anchor and for ESPN/CSN on live events. He loves the field of broadcasting, multimedia design and journalism which is why they are his chosen major and minors. He plans to work for a company or magazine like ours with hopes of living in New York after graduation.

Photo Editor: Aubry Healy, aubry.healy@gcmag.org

Aubry is a senior studying Integrative Public Relations with a minor in multimedia design. Aside from working for Grand Central, she has been an active member of the Student Government Association in her time at CMU. She is a portrait and wedding photographer from the west coast of Michigan. Aubry can be found watching “Parks & Recreation” and buying concert tickets, or planning her next trip to California.

Assistant Photo Editor: Cassie Wright, cassie.wright@gcmag.org

Cassie is a sophomore studying photojournalism. Besides taking photos and working for Grand Central, she enjoys reading poetry and laughing with friends. Cassie plans to study abroad in Italy during her time at CMU and hopes to complete a semester in the Disney College Program. As for her future after graduation, she wants to move somewhere warm and tropical.

Video Editor: Dylan Flanigan, dylan.flanigan@gcmag.org

Dylan is a senior studying broadcasting and multimedia. He spends his time making videos, gaming, and playing music. As well as being a video editor, he is also the current Center Snare of the CMU Marching Band.

Style & Beauty Editor: Lexi Thompson, alexis.thompson@gcmag.org

Lexi is a junior at CMU planning on graduating in May 2020. She is studying Integrative Public Relations with a minor in journalism. Lexi is also a photographer, videographer and model for RAW Magazine, and she is on the CMU dance team. After graduating, she plans to move to New York to work as a PR director for a fashion company and write a few books.

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Brittany Andrade, brittany.andrade@gcmag.org

Brittany is a senior, graduating in May 2019, studying broadcasting and cinematic arts with a minor in journalism. She is also a part of CMU Residence Life and just finished the Spring 2018 Disney College Program. Brittany can often be found listening to music, reading, singing, going to the movies or binge-watching her latest TV/streaming obsession. After graduating, Brittany plans on going to graduate school to learn more about film in order to achiever her ultimate goal of becoming an executive producer.

Student Lifestyle Editor: Collin Salata, collin.salata@gcmag.org

Collin is a fifth-year senior set to graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. He plans on moving out of state to find his true calling and obtain a job in marketing or production.

Food & Wellness Editor: Dan Delgado, dan.delgado@gcmag.org

Dan is a junior studying Hospitality and Event Management, which lets him spend his time learning the ins and out of weddings, special events, restaurants and food and beverage. After graduation, he hopes to become Sommelier and open a restaurant.

PR Director: Samantha Cuneo, samantha.cuneo@gcmag.org

Sam is a senior studying Integrative Public Relations with a minor in journalism. She is also the president of CMU’s Society of Professional Journalists. After graduation, Sam is working in Public Affairs for Dow Chemical. Sam strives to live intentionally and afford as many music festivals as her time (and wallet) allows.

PR Director: Margaret Mcdougall, margaret.mcdougall@gcmag.org

Maggie is a senior studying Integrative Public Relations with a minor in marketing. Outside of Grand Central, she is an active member of CMU Greek life. She loves country music, rom-com movies, and traveling with her friends. After graduation, she hopes to move to Nashville to pursue a PR career in the country music industry.

Art Director: Megan Moomey, megan.moomey@gcmag.org

Megan is a senior in the graphic design program at CMU with a minor in marketing. She plans on graduating in the fall of 2019 after finishing her last semester in Florence, Italy. Megan likes to paint, spend time with friends and attend nearby music festivals. After graduating, she plans to move to Colorado to work at a design firm and finally get her yoga teaching certification.

Adviser: Steve Coon, steve.coon@gcmag.org

If you are interested in joining Grand Central’s team, please contact Jordan Price at jordan.price@gcmag.org.