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Mission Statement

Grand Central Magazine captures the unique lifestyle experiences of the students at Central Michigan University.
We’re about what makes college and life worthwhile, expressed through content you won’t see elsewhere.

Meet Our Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Tessa Harvey, tessa.harvey@gcmag.org

Tessa is a senior at Central, graduating in May. She’s studying journalism and has a minor in multimedia production, which, in other words, means she gets to be creative, tell stories and also write a lot. It’s a love-hate relationship for her. You can find her reading, admiring wordsmiths like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Toni Morrison, and binge-watching T.V. shows (right now, she’s still obsessed with The Good Place,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”).

Managing Editor: Jordan Price, Jordan.price@gcmag.org.

Jordan is a junior at Central. In May 2019, she will graduate and finish her 4-year plan as a dual major in both communication and English language and literature with a minor in Journalism and an undergraduate certificate in creative writing. She also works as an editor for the campus’s literary journal, Central Review, and as an office assistant for Robinson Residential Restaurant. Upon receiving her B.A.A,, Jordan plans to obtain a job in editorial at a book publishing company in New York.

Food & Wellness Editor: Chanda Crenshaw, chanda.crenshaw@gcmag.org

Style & Beauty Editor: Hailee Kaske, hailee.kaske@gcmag.org

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Juliana Kampf, juliana.kampf@gcmag.org

Juliana is a senior at Central. She is studying journalism, broadcasting and cinematic arts, and multimedia design. She’s completely obsessed with 90s and early-2000s R&B and hip hop. And she hopes to join the Peace Corps and eventually move to Atlanta, Georgia after graduation.

Student Lifestyle Editor: Clarissa Kell, clarissa.kell@gcmag.org

Clarissa is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in media design, production and technology. She is also CMU’s SPJ chapter’s Vice President. She’s graduating in May and one day hopes to work for Buzzfeed or New York Times.

Video Director: Zachary Newhouse, zachary.newhouse@gcmag.org

Zach is a freshman at CMU who also works with Sports Central as a reporter. He loves the field of broadcasting and multimedia design, which is why they are his chosen major and minor. He plans on hopefully working for a company or magazine like ours doing videos and stories on things people want to see post-grad.

Video Assistant: Dylan Flanigan, dylan.flanigan@gcmag.org

PR Director: Samantha Cuneo, samantha.cuneo@gcmag.org

PR Assistant: Margaret Mcdougall, margaret.mcdougall@gcmag.org

Photo Editor: Xavier-Thomas Mendoza, xavier.mendoza@gcmag.org

Xavier is a senior majoring in photojournalism with a double minor in psychology and dance. He is also the vice president of the Asian Cultural Organization and is currently one of the C-Team Core Guides for Leadership Safari. He is expected to graduate in May 2019 and has a goal to be either an event photographer or a multimedia journalist.

Photo Editor: Kayde Hambaum, kayde.hambaum@gcmag.org

Kayde Hambaum is a senior at Central majoring is Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts. She will be graduating in May of 2018 and hopes to pursue a career in video production, wherever that may be in the world. She is currently a part of the video production team for CSN/ESPN3 Central Michigan Athletics. She also works as a freelance photographer in her spare time and hopes to build her brand after graduation.

Art Director: Megan Moomey, megan.moomey@gcmag.org

Adviser: Steve Coon, steve.coon@gcmag.org

If you are interested in joining Grand Central’s team, please contact Jordan Price at jordan.price@gcmag.org.