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Mission Statement

Grand Central Magazine captures the unique lifestyle experiences of the students at Central Michigan University.
We’re about what makes college and life worthwhile, expressed through content you won’t see elsewhere.

Meet Our Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Tessa Harvey, tessa.harvey@gcmag.org

Managing Editor: Devon Rademacher, devon.rademacher@gcmag.org


Copy Editor: Jordan Price, Jordan.price@gcmag.org.

Food & Wellness Editor: Lexi Carter, lexi.carter@gcmag.org

Style & Beauty Editor: Hailee Kaske, hailee.kaske@gcmag.org

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Sydney Fairman, sydney.fairman@gcmag.org

Video Editor: Marina Pasqualone, marina.pasqualone@gcmag.org

PR Director: Catherine Pace, catherine.pace@gcmag.org

PR Director: Samantha Cuneo, samantha.cuneo@gcmag.org

Photo Editor: Xavier-Thomas Mendoza, xavier.mendoza@gcmag.org

Photo Editor: Kayde Hambaum, kayde.hambaum@gcmag.org

Art Director: Megan Moomey, megan.moomey@gcmag.org

Adviser: Steve Coon, steve.coon@gcmag.org

If you are interested in joining Grand Central’s team, please contact Devon Rademacher at devon.rademacher@gcmag.org.