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First-year med students David Hales and Trista Osantoski sit in the student lounge at CMed, as they discuss their first year of med school. (Photo | Taylor Arnett)

Year one at CMed: Looking Back

Looking back at year one of med school brought feelings of both accomplishment and nostalgia for first-year med students Trista Osantoski and David Hales….

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Column: Is flopping helpful or hurtful?

Passionate fans are one of the most important elements of any successful sports franchise. Fans create the emotional atmosphere at sporting events and loyal…

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Chocolate shakes gone healthy, crazy right? (Photo | Teresia Tingström)

Nourishing Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

While striving to reduce consumption of refined sugar in your daily eating habits, it’s a good idea to build recipes that will satisfy the…

A chicken sandwich and fries are delicious at Sure Shot BBQ. (Photo | Ashley McDonald)

Review: Sure Shot BBQ

Sure Shot BBQ, located at 1135 S. Mission St., looks a bit dumpy from an outside perspective — one would easily miss the tiny…


(Photo | Shannon Millard)

Stye Profile: Lucy Ciaramitaro

Personal style is all about using clothing, shoes, jewels, hats, headbands and any other accessory a girl can dream up to show the world…


Photo by Andrea Henk

People of Central

People of Central was inspired by Humans of New York.  “The happiest moment of my life, which happened like two weeks ago, was when…

Drawing is one of many indoor activities one can do on a rainy day. (Photo | Trevor Redford)

Ways to cheer up a grey day

As you all know by now and have been experiencing, Michigan is in it’s transitional period from an extended winter to a highly anticipated…