Campus Life

First-year med students David Hales and Trista Osantoski sit in the student lounge at CMed, as they discuss their first year of med school. (Photo | Taylor Arnett)

Year one at CMed: Looking Back

Looking back at year one of med school brought feelings of both accomplishment and nostalgia for first-year med students Trista Osantoski and David Hales….

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Column: Is flopping helpful or hurtful?

Passionate fans are one of the most important elements of any successful sports franchise. Fans create the emotional atmosphere at sporting events and loyal…

Food & Beverage

Chocolate shakes gone healthy, crazy right? (Photo | Teresia Tingström)

Nourishing Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

While striving to reduce consumption of refined sugar in your daily eating habits, it’s a good idea to build recipes that will satisfy the…

A chicken sandwich and fries are delicious at Sure Shot BBQ. (Photo | Ashley McDonald)

Review: Sure Shot BBQ

Sure Shot BBQ, located at 1135 S. Mission St., looks a bit dumpy from an outside perspective — one would easily miss the tiny…


(Photo | Shannon Millard)

Stye Profile: Lucy Ciaramitaro

Personal style is all about using clothing, shoes, jewels, hats, headbands and any other accessory a girl can dream up to show the world…


Drawing is one of many indoor activities one can do on a rainy day. (Photo | Trevor Redford)

Ways to cheer up a grey day

As you all know by now and have been experiencing, Michigan is in it’s transitional period from an extended winter to a highly anticipated…