Campus Life

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Photo Story: Siblings Weekend 2016

Siblings weekend is a time for family, fun and familiar faces around Central Michigan University’s campus. This past weekend siblings gathered and participated in…

Food & Beverage

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Try these Ten Heart Healthy Foods

Hearts are everywhere in the month of February – after all, it is the staple symbol for Valentine’s Day. But, did you know February…


(Photo Illustration | Anne Langan)

15 Life Saving Beauty Hacks

Whoever said being a girl is easy definitely never walked a mile in our shoes (or Stilettos). Although our routines may seem effortless, we know…

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Arts & Entertainment

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A Noteworthy Binge: Nurse Jackie

Not everyone has time in their daily routine to commit to an hour long show, so for busy folk, we bring you the Showtime…


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People of Central

On what she is passionate about: My major is marine biology. For me, I am very passionate about preserving the environment of the ocean…

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People of Central

“I have been at Central Michigan University for two years now, and I think I miss my family the most. And the food, too.”…