Staff Picks: Friendsgiving outfits

Rebecca Particka – Editor-in-chief

For Friendsgiving, my high school friends and I usually get together. The past two years we’ve done a Mexican food night and play cards and boardgames after dinner. Something comfy and cozy are my goals for my outfit. I’m wearing an oversized flannel and turtleneck that I thrifted, and my favorite jeans. My Doc Martins are my go-to shoes when the weather gets colder.

Samantha Bitterman – Managing Editor

Usually every year for Friendsgiving, my friends and I typically just wear sweatpants and chill out, but for this year we all decided to look somewhat decent so we can take cute pictures together. I decided to throw on one of my favorite pairs of jeans, and to go with it, a super cute brown long-sleeve shirt that I got from American Eagle. For my shoes, I have a pair of black Doc Martin boots on, and to pull it all together, I put on my grey flannel shacket that I got from a small boutique in Saginaw, MI. 

Samantha Hall – Staff Writer

I’m wearing black pants, a pair of grey shoes, a long black and white dress shirt, and a white sweatshirt. Maybe I’ll even tie a ribbon into my hair for something extra!