Men’s Spring Fashion: Comfort and Style

Story and photos by Alayna Fiel

Spring is the one time of year when the weather is not quite predictable, and men’s fashion can be a little tricky.

With an increase in casual and athletic clothing options for men, it can be easy to fall into the cycle of wearing the same thing each day with no real change as the weather adjusts.

CMU junior Max Nylund checks the weather each morning during this time of year so he can prepare for the changing temperatures on campus.

“Definitely less layers with the warmer weather. Right now, I’m wearing a vest; it’s a lot different from a heavy jacket, no hat or gloves, I’m wearing sunglasses too,” Nylund said.

As the weather transitions and temperatures slowly rise, it’s important to have some key items on hand to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible:

Jackets/Vests/Sweaters: A lightweight jacket is an essential part of spring’s lineup. Lightweight jackets and sweaters that are an airy cotton blend will keep you comfortable when it’s not quite cold, but not exactly hot either. A V-neck style sweater looks sophisticated and is versatile enough to wear with jeans on casual occasions or for a dressier affair.

Pants: During spring, seek out pants with light materials such as cotton or linen in neutral shades like beige, tan, brown, black, or navy. Chino’s, a casual dress pant, are also a great option for warmer weather, as they consist of a lighter material and make up a fair share of men’s spring fashion outfits. Classic colors are khaki, olive, navy, and grey.

Button-downs/Tops: Most men own at least one classic button-down shirt. Button-down shirts in light colors are perfect for work and/or play and look phenomenal with just about everything – suit jackets, khakis, and even a pair of baggy shorts. Basic cotton T-shirts are perfect for springtime as well.

Shoes: Loafers, boot shoes, sandals, and running sneakers are all great examples of men’s spring footwear. A nice pair of white sneakers offer a clean, minimalist look and serves as a great contrast for most spring outfits.

Shorts: A comfortable pair of shorts will come in handy when temperatures start to soar towards the end of the season. A nice pair of shorts are perfect for lazy weekends, yard work and family outings, usually between 5-11” in length.

Accessories: Watches, sunglasses, backpacks, bracelets, scarves, and necklaces are all items to consider when adding a bit more flair to your spring outfits.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been working on your style for a while, it’s normal to feel uneasy when trying new styles/trends.

One of the best ways to up your style game is to keep comfort in mind, and like CMU student Avion Ingeresoll,envision how you would wear a new addition to your spring wardrobe.

“I usually like to feel out what I’m about to wear before I buy it,” Ingeresoll said. “I’ve done it online too many times and I’ve paid the price.”

Spring is more than just a new season. It can represent new beginnings and in this case, new styles. Consider going out on a limb and trying new trends that make the most out of the spring weather while keeping comfortable.