Art and Soul: What to Expect at Tree Love Collective’s Thursday Event

When Tree Love Collective occupies Wayside Central, live artists fill the cages, dynamic musicians groove on stage, vendors surround the VIP area and the perimeter of the dance floor, and attendees fill the club with a unique and welcoming energy.

Through their events, the group strives to create a community of those who enjoy live music and art. The group’s members pride themselves on providing an environment that no matter who you are, you can come out and enjoy what their events have to offer.

“We’re about self-expression and a safe community,” Gordie Morton, Co-Owner of Tree Love Collective said.

Originally a Facebook group where friends promoted their art, Tree Love Collective has expanded immensely over the past few years, and now includes artists, musicians, vendors and events that not only involve their “Tree Love Family,” but all those who wish to experience the positive and inspiring community.

And, Thursday, March 31 from 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., the Mount Pleasant community will have a final chance this academic year to check out Tree Love Collective.

The Wayside Central event will feature four musical acts, including the funky headliner from Chicago, Filibusta, and Central Michigan University’s own DJake performing a split set with Uplifting Earth.

But, before musical acts take the stage and attendees fill the club, there is a whole lot of planning that occurs to make these events as great as they are.

Morton and other members of the collective put a great deal of work into the planning process, including booking musical talent, graphic design, organizing the art and vendors and executing all event logistics, start to finish.

Though the planning and execution of their events warrant much effort, the group is learning and growing as they go, bettering the Tree Love experience.

It is at these events that attendees can feel comfortable to express themselves, meet others within the community and see the work that has paid off in the events’ execution.

Though the musical acts change from event to event, new artists illustrate their talents, and different vendors display their work. The environment that Tree Love provides never changes ­– the events always yield creativity and a dynamic sense of community.