CMU Students Learn How to #LoveYourSelfie

Central Michigan University students ended the month of February by practicing self-love and acceptance at Sweeney Hall’s #LoveYourSelfie event. This served as a part of CMU’s “Be-YOU-tiful Week” of programs.

The program, planned by Sweeney Hall Residential Assistant Ben Sobczak, teaches the importance of recognizing the beauty within ourselves through self-reflection activities.

“Self love, body image and positive affirmations are something that isn’t talked enough about,” Sobczak said. “I think a lot of people deal with negative body images, but don’t want to admit it and talk about it. I wanted to open the conversation up to my residents and help get the conversation started.”

To begin, a video was played that highlighted the pressure we, as humans, put on ourselves to look a certain way.

Junior Kathleen Trombley stated that the video was her favorite part of the evening, and said it was the most impactful.

“I thought it was really moving,” Trombley said. “It put things into perspective on how critical people can be of themselves, and it made me reflect on myself and how I can be so critical of myself.”


Each student took a selfie using the given camera, and pasted it on a piece of paper. The papers were hung on the wall, and participants were invited to write compliments and kind words about each student.

Sophomore Lindsay Schryver appreciated the activity, and told of the importance of loving oneself.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much beauty they have and how much power they have. It’s important to know the power you have,” Schryver said. “I think that you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. It’s important that you love yourself first.”

As far as future programs, Schryver is more than ready to attend.

“Any time there’s an event like this, I go because it’s so great. I love them all.”