Eight Gym Bag Essentials

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, cramming in a gym sesh is an important part of your day.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to always be prepared to kick it in the gym, which is why this list of must haves is essential to gym bag packers everywhere.


If it’s not already strapped around your wrist and counting your every step, this neat device is the perfect gym sesh go to. Watch the numbers go up as you jam to Beyoncé and run the world (or gym).

Water Bottle

It seems like this item should be a no brainer, but too often does it slip the mind resulting in frequent runs to the drinking fountain. If you’re feeling extra motivated to equip your bag with the best of the best, spice your water bottle up with some fresh fruit or lemon. We’re all about that detox.

Hair Ties

This must have is for women and men with man buns everywhere. Nothing is worse than forgetting the one item that keeps your luscious locks out of your eyes while you do sprints or mountain climbers. So, do yourself a favor and invest in a pack just for your gym bag.


We hope you’ve invested in a couple minutes to put this on before you run out the door, but in the case that you’ve forgotten or are simply killin’ your workout, having this item in your bag is crucial. You’ll thank us later.

Nutrition Bar

It’s always nice to pack a snack, and a granola bar that’s high in protein and low in sugars is your best bet for a healthy post-workout treat. Pack a couple to make sure you never go without.

Extra Threads 

Socks, shoes, sports bra, yoga pants, gym shorts, tanks and tops – the list could go on. But having an extra pair of anything will do wonders in those times where you absolutely need it.


If we’re anything alike, hitting the gym also means jamming out (at a really high volume, oops). No headphones, means no jams and I honestly can’t think of a worse scenario.


Carrying your daily multi-vitamin or vitamin C in your gym bag is not only a friendly reminder to take it, but also ensures optimal health. Slip these into your gym bag to boost immunity and avoid a sick day.