Fashions of the past make a comeback

Miss your favorite styles of past decades? Don't worry. All of the best past trends are finding their way back to 2011, and they're better than ever.

A history lesson may be helpful in order to remember when some styles first originated, since many previous trends are currently popping back up on the runways.

The fashion cycle often introduces styles from the past that are now modernized or sometimes even the same as when they were first created. But wearing these styles for the second or third time around may call for some advice on what really is back “in” and what is forever “out.”

What was first created as a garment for children in the 1900s can now be found in many women’s fashion stores. Rompers have made their way back into the fashion scene as a comfortable way to look cute and casual.

It voids the question of what matches since the romper serves as both the bottom and top, much like a dress. No one will know if you are sporting a romper since the look of it seems like a dress or shorts with a shirt tucked in.

High-waisted skirts are starting to redefine waists one business woman at a time. In the early 1900s these skirts hit the waist of women but were made to be fuller skirts.

Now the style is slimmer to the body. The timeless elegant style of a high-waisted skirt commands someone to be mature after slipping it on.

It not only shows you mean business, it is also versatile and chic. But high-waist doesn’t always mean pencil skirt length. High-waisted mini skirts and shorts are just as fashionable.

It’s all about defining a waist and a showing off a sense of thought into your style. 

Marilyn Monroe has the claim to fame for “va-va –voom” red lips. Although the color has always been a classic, it is now appearing everywhere more than ever.

It may take time to work up to wearing this bold color, but once you apply the red gloss you’ll be sure to make a style statement.  Try a lip stain for starters during the day before having a night on the town with risk taking red lipstick.

Clogs were originally designed for dancing, but the style has be renewed and redesigned for more than just a night on your feet. The shoe that is usually made out of wood comes in all different styles compared to previous eras.

From open-toed to flower detailed, the modern clog brings a new twist to an old design.

Although some of these fashions have been around in stores since they first originated, right now they are in their prime.  The key is to wear the modernized style of each trend.