Four must-haves for any college girls’ shoe closet

Top shoes every college girls needs to spice up their campus wardrobe.

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Every girl can use a little shoe knowledge every now and then. Completing a look can be as simple as sliding on a stylish shoe giving every simple or glamorous outfit that finishing touch. When it comes to dressing well and staying trendy, shoes are just as important as the outfit a girl puts on. Below are the shoes every college girl must never live without!

Stilettos/Heels/Pumps — my personal shoe obsession. No outfit is perfect without the perfect heel. These shoes are an impeccable accent to any glamorous outfit, whether you are going to the club, out on date, to a meeting or even to something as simple as a class. Sliding into these shoes make any girl feel like a woman! A simple heel can even be worn with jeans, creating a casual yet sleek outfit.

Wedges are a great starter heel for beginners. Who said wearing heels had to be uncomfortable? Wedges are easy to walk in, fashionable and still give you that extra height and glamour to an outfit you are looking for.  Wedges are much more comfortable to walk in and come in several shapes, designs, colors and styles.

Flats are a great way to casually spice up an outfit. These are the perfect quick shoe to slip your feet into when you have no time to tie shoe laces or squeeze into those fabulous heels. Not to mention, they are also very comfortable and easy to rush across campus in. They come in various styles including beaded, sequin, animal print, solid, and colors to complement any outfit in a college girl’s closet.

Boots- Though boots tend to be a little pricier, they almost always turn out to be a great investment. With so many styles to pick from, they truly belong on a list of must-haves. There are many high-heeled boots, flat boots, fur boots, mid-thigh boots, mid-calf boots and ankle boots on the shelves to choose from. With skinny jeans on the rise in the fashion industry, boots are the perfect accessory to slip into, giving every college girl’s legs that slim sleek look they have always been looking for.

So there you have it! The top shoes every college girl needs to know about. Go ahead, clean those skeletons out of your closets and hit the stores and shoe websites for great finds that are sure to spice up your college-bound wardrobe.