From frumpy to fabulous: How to turn an old T-shirt into a work of art

Everyone has a pile of T-shirts they don’t wear. It’s time to clear them out of your closet and put them to use by making a scarf with them. All you need is an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors, something every dorm/apartment has.

First, find a flat surface and lay the shirt down. Cut off the bottom hem and throw it away. Cut about one-inch strips of the shirt, the direction you cut off the hem, until you get to the sleeves. You should end up with between 12-15 strips.

Next, gather all of the strips and stretch them to make the strips the same size. Be sure not to stretch them bigger than you want your scarf to be. This will also cause them to curl a bit, but that is what you want to happen!

Take one of the strips and cut it in half. You will only need one of the halves, so throw one side away. Wrap the strip neatly around a small section of the scarf to hold it all together. Tie a knot once it’s all wrapped and tuck it into the scarf. Guess what?

You’re done!

You can add your own personal touch to the scarf by mixing T-shirts and having more than one color.  You could also take some of your strips and braid them to add texture to the scarf. Tie-dye shirts are another fun option because the mix of colors make these scarves stand out more than plain colored shirts.

And hey, we all have extra maroon and gold shirts lying around, right? Consider using those to show off your school spirit in a unique way.

So, you’ve made your scarf. What’s the best way to wear it?

If you have two scarves that are different lengths (one is longer than the other, and maybe a different color), wear them both. Fall is all about layering and scarves make great accent pieces.

Those days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed make looking cute for class almost impossible. Thankfully, these scarves are a perfect way to make it look like you put effort in your outfit. Get a plain colored shirt and put a scarf on. Your outfit suddenly seems much better than the usual sweatpants and T-shirt.