Here’s Why You Should Take That Skip Day

Whether you’re working towards a fitness goal, or just enjoy exercising to relieve stress, taking a skip day seems anything but productive.

But, while we’re all for you reaching your goals and staying healthy, we also understand the importance of recovery time for your muscles.

These skip day benefits will help you to train harder on the days where rest isn’t an option.

More exercise, more food

The longer you train the more food is required to sustain your energy levels. While it’s OK to eat what’s necessary to keep your body strong and healthy, it’s not OK to overtrain your body and constantly replenish your energy levels throughout the day.

Taking a break one day out of the week will decrease your hunger, allowing you to sustain your energy levels and go about your day without having to worry about your next binge.

Muscle growth 

Lifting weights causes small tears in your muscles that can only repair during rest. This repair and rest cycle is what allows your muscles to get stronger, and ultimately allow you to train harder than the day before.

Constant Exhaustion

Working out everyday means finding time in your daily schedule, which we know is already hectic.

Not only does working out everyday eat up a good portion of free time, but it also takes away time from your studies.

In college, life is all about balance, so take one day off during your week and spend that time in the library or doing something else to better yourself.