How To: Get Your Mind and Body on Track with Running

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo by Anne Langan

Running is one of the easiest ways to exercise daily.

Now, I know some of you non-runners are thinking, “I don’t even think I can run a mile”, but stop right there – I’m here to tell you that even if you “hate running” or don’t think you’ll enjoy it, there are benefits to running that even a non-runner cannot deny.

  1. Running clears your mind.
    Every runner knows this feeling. Going on a long, easy run gives you time to get out of your own head. Whatever bothered you that day or whatever pissed you off is pushed away with every breath. Having the chance to run and not think about anything is something everyone should take advantage of.If you are just starting your running journey, it won’t take long to start to appreciate this, whether you run for 15 minutes or one hour.
  1. It releases stressors.
    Feeling sad because you failed a test? Run. Pissed because your friend ditched you? Run. Got in a fight with your best friend? Run.
    If you’re having a stressful day, going for a run is sure to take you out of the place you were in and put in you in a new state of mind. Running is a way to get you moving, release endorphins, and relieve stress. After a run, you’re more likely to feel naturally happy.
  1. Hitting the pavement is an excellent way to stay in shape.
    If you’re new to running, you don’t need to go out and run a marathon. Start small and build your way up. Soon, running will become second nature and will keep you in healthy all year round.If you aren’t into heavy lifting or crazy workouts, running is a good way to stay in shape in a a simple way. Running has also been proven to help the cardiovascular system and extend life by several years.  There’s no reason to skip your workout –whatever season, there’s somewhere to get your run in, whether it be around campus or on a treadmill at the Student Activity Center.
  1. You’re not just exercising your body, but your mind, too.
    When you start building up those miles, you will want to push yourself to go farther and farther. You might even start running races like a 5K or half marathon. Because of this, running will begin to make you mentally tough – you’ll start to realize that you’re able to handle more on a day to day basis in running and in life.Central Michigan University is a great place to start your running experience. With the campus being so close to a residential community, going for runs through the town is a great way to start. There is also the opportunity to get involved, like with the CMU running club. Throughout the course of the year, there are also 5Ks and various runs that students and community members are able to participate in while raising money for a great cause.

The next time you think running isn’t for you, give it a try, because once you start, it’s one of the most beneficial way to stay healthy and in shape.