How to: Survive a Night in Heels

Spending the entire night in heels is a terrifying thought for most women. Feeling awkward when you walk or being uncomfortable can bring down an otherwise great night. Although it’s rare to find a perfectly comfortable heel, below are a few ways you can survive a night in the ones that aren’t so comfortable.

Tip #1: Pick out the perfect shoes.

Paul Andrew, a famous shoe designer, advises that women pick out a shoe based on how they feel, not how they look. If they feel uncomfortable when you are trying them on in the shoe store, they will feel even worse when you’ve been wearing them all night.

You might even want to look for heels with thicker soles or padding. Most of your weight is pushed onto the ball of your foot and that is where you’ll start to feel pain. You want to make sure that area is cushioned and as comfortable as possible. If you don’t own any heels with padding, invest in some insoles for $8.

Another trick is to use sports tape and tape together your third and fourth toe. This is supposed help to eliminate some pain since it stops the nerve between those toes from throbbing.

Shoes with thicker heels are easier to walk and stand in because they are more sturdy and provide more support. Also, the more closed the shoe is, the more comfortable. If you plan on walking around all day, it’s probably best to leave your six-inch, peep-toe stilettos at home.

Tip #2: Walk the correct way.

When walking in heels, you want to breathe through your abdomen so that the tension and stiffness of the body will fade away. Shallow breathing will cause stiffness and will leave you walking around like a baby giraffe.

Pace yourself when walking – take smaller and shorter steps. This will make walking easier and more comfortable. Plus, it will make you look relaxed and graceful.

You want to make sure you are standing straight for most of the night. This is because your weight will remain evenly distributed and will help keep you balanced. You also want to make sure that you are standing sturdy on both legs. Shifting your weight from leg to leg will cause pain quicker.

Tip #3: Give your feet some TLC.

Throughout the day, try to give your feet some rest if you can. Sit down for a short time or take your shoes off when you use the bathroom. This will give your feet a moment to relax.

After you’ve survived your night in heels, soak your feet in some warm water to soothe them. You can also massage your feet and calves with lotion to decrease tension.