HOW TO: Wear motorcycle boots as a part of your winter wardrobe

Fall and winter are traditionally the big seasons for boots, and the last few seasons have seen definite patterns. UGG boots have and continue to be huge on campus, and are worn with just about anything. Leggings, sweats, and jeans have all been seen tucked into UGGs and the trend shows no sign of losing its popularity.

Another style that has dominated the past few seasons has been a fitted leather style, often with a heel. These boots come in a variety of colors but are most often seen in brown, black, and dark gray. They are usually worn tucked into jeans and give the wearer a more sophisticated look.

However, a new type of boot has stepped in to the scene and is quickly gaining popularity. Motorcycle boots, once reserved for Harley-Davidson riders and punk rockers, are now being marketed by big name designers as well as the ready-to-wear avenues such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. The boots pictured above are a Steve Madden staple found in DSW shoes.

Because motorcycle boots are traditionally associated with toughness, they give instant edge to any outfit and can be a great way to defeminize your wardrobe. If you find yourself getting a little too girly for your liking, why not invest in a pair of these bad-ass boots?

Amy Grant, a junior from Allen Park, loves her motorcycle boots.

“I wear them all the time,” she said. “They work just as well as winter boots but have a lot more style.”

She’s right: motorcycle boots can be a great option for the colder months. With a thick pair of socks and some cheap waterproofing spray from Meijer, they serve the exact same purpose as chunky winter boots. They are, as Grant says, much more stylish than the traditional winter boots. She pairs them with bright colors.

“The black just makes the colors pop. I also love to pair them with a lacy top for a classy meets rocker chic look,” Grant said.

There are numerous ways to wear biker boots. Like Grant, you can wear them with skinny jeans and a bright top to make your shirt pop even more, or add them into to a feminine outfit to give it a little edge. Try pairing your boots with a white lace sundress for the ultimate juxtaposition of tough meets delicate, or throw on black tights and a black skirt with a feminine top.

In the colder months, however, the outfit you wear with your boots may not be nearly as important as the jacket you wear with them.

“In the winter, I’ll wear my leather jacket to complement the boots,” Grant said. “Or just any black jacket, really. I think it’s important to make sure that what you wear goes with your boots and the look you are trying to create.”

Remember that outfits are more than just the main pieces; they have accessories, too, which can include your hair and makeup. Grant tends to lean more toward an edgy look, with smoky eyes and a low pony.

“Most of the time, I like to wear my hair down,” she said. “But I like to match the boots, so I’ll wear my hair in a slicked back pony and add feather earrings to give my outfit a rock vibe.”

Going for an edgy look is definitely the easiest way to pull off a pair of classic biker boots, but like UGGs and leather boots, they are versatile and can be worn in a myriad of ways.


Photo credit: Morgan MacDermaid