Jordan World Circus at Finch Fieldhouse offered fun, entertaining time for the family

Finch Fieldhouse was the host of the Jordan World Circus on Sunday, March 9, where rare white tigers, acrobats, aerialists, clowns, artists and gentle giants were all on display.

Decorated with cages, ropes, and three huge circles spread out side by side on the ground for the animals and aerialists, the building quickly started to get crowded as spectators began filing in and children outnumbered adults.

The scent from the variety of animals — ranging from small poodles to the massive elephants — was in the air, and it was a clear sign the show was about to begin.

The circus brought out the rare white tiger and two African lions to start the show. They showcased their skills by jumping through flaming loops and hurdling over barriers, receiving big applause from the audience.

Several poodles appeared, showing off their amazing leaping abilities by jumping through hoops. One poodle became the crowd favorite as he walked around the center circle on his hind feet and drew “Aw’s” from the audience.

It was now the elephants’ turn to amuse the crowd.

One elephant displayed his musical talent by playing instruments like the trumpet and harmonica. Other elephants stood up on their front legs and performed a handstand while doing synchronized tricks like having a hind-leg and front-leg up at the same time.

The acrobat team of six (known as the “Chicago Boyz”) put on an incredible show, exhibiting an array of acrobatic jumps and astonishing jump rope tricks involving multiple ropes.

Andre Williams (“Superman”), a member of the “Chicago Boyz” acrobat team, said he enjoyed doing the event.

“I love performing with the skills I have,” Williams said. “One a scale of one-to-10 it’s definitely a 10 because we do it for the kids and a lot of kids love us.”

Seven members of the audience volunteered to go perform with the “Chicago Boyz” at their request. The acrobatic team then jumped over the audience members as they bent down in a straight line.

Dennis Nalor, one of the volunteered audience members, said he loved every second of it.

“It was a thrilling experience,” Nalor said. “Each time a Chicago acrobat guy would jump over us, they would then have to go to the end of the line, which made it that much further for the next acrobat guy to jump.”

Intermission offered a time where kids got the opportunity to interact with the circus animals. That included elephants, pony rides, and pictures with the poodles. There also was a place for kids to get their face painted.

Kimberly Young, a mother of two, let her children participate in the intermission interacting.

“I enjoyed the way the kids were allowed to have some time with the animals.” Young said. “I know for sure my kids enjoyed it.”

The Jordan World Circus concluded with a motorcyclist jumping from one ramp to another performing numerous mid-air tricks which also drew roars from the audience.

Attendee Melanie Hoffmeye expressed admiration for the show.

“It was great,” Hoffmeyer said. “Everything was great. I enjoyed all the performers, including the animals.”



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  1. 1
    Tamara Birdsall

    I was very saddened to see that Central Michigan University hasn’t gotten the word about how horribly circus elephants are treated. The fact that the university, supposedly a place of enlightenment, could allow the Jordan World Circus on campus is shameful. No matter what the showmen tell you, elephants are not naturally inclined to do these ridiculous tricks. Baby elephants are taken from their mothers and “broken” in a process that involves beating, deprivation and elimination of natural behavior. Many elephants in these conditions rock from side to side ceaselessly because they are so altered and anguished. Please participate in the progressive worldwide movement to put circuses with animals out of business. We’ll all be watching.

  2. 2

    This is abuse. There is no justifying this as anything other than abuse. You will never see an elephant behaving like this in the wild. This animal was beaten and isolated into submission. Do your research. Elephants are complex, emotional beings with strong ties to family and order. This is disturbing on so many levels. And shame on you for glorifying a circus with animal acts. It’s 2014. Evolve already. Maybe do some investigative journalism and research elephants in circuses/captivity.

  3. 3
    Fiona Gordon

    A rare white tiger and two African Lions were brought out to open the show. All to big applause from the audience -and the children loved the performances. This is terribly unfortunate. Circuses with animals should be a thing of the past, in fact in many, many places they are. And for good reason. Animals such as Elephants do not naturally wish to balance unnaturally on small podiums, lions and tigers do not naturally wish to jump through hoops of fire. This may all seem very exciting to the audience and children, but how many in the audience understand how such animals are trained in order to perform this way?

    Please rethink support for such practices. Circuses with animals are outdated and unnecessary, to say the least. Perhaps donate to or visit an animal sanctuary instead, where some retired circus animals are lucky enough to go. Better still, go to Africa and see these magnificent creatures in the wild, the only place they truly belong.

  4. 4
    Jan Powell

    What a shame you report on abuse of animals’ as a fun and entertaining time for all!!! your ignorance is not the animals’ bliss! They are treated cruelly to make them perform! they do not have performing skills, they know they have no choice but to do what they are made to do or be punished more!!!!!!!!! A wild elephant playing an instrument….. now that is bloody ridiculous!!! I bet the elephant wishes he could play the drums too. #$$#@@%&

  5. 5

    People wake up! These elephants do NOT want to be doing this. If this was comfortable or natural to them, they would do this in the wild. They are abused immensely, beaten, hooked in the most tender and sensitive areas and enslaved for life in the biggest animal abuse scams in history called “the circus”.

    Please protest every circus and let families know that WILD animals DO NOT belong in circuses. How about employing acrobatic and talented humans only in the circus. Kids would LOVE that.

  6. 6
    Roisin Gruner

    Is this article really written in the 21st. century?!
    I’d like to comment, but it would be unprintable.

  7. 8
    Nancy Ries

    The vast majority of children would be horrified to know of the life of torment, torture, loneliness, and fear that elephants used for “entertainment” endure. There is nothing fun or funny about this. It is animal abuse, pure and simple. Central Michigan, please do not do this again! There are more and more wonderful circuses that use and abuse no animals.

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