Letter from the Food Editor: We’re your guide to creative cooking

What’s cookin’?


Food & Beverage Editor, Charnae Sanders

When it comes to the Grand Central Magazine, we’re cooking up a storm for all of you to indulge in.  As the new editor of the Food and Beverage section, I have big plans to make your mouths water and increase your appetite for delicious, healthy food.

My goal for this section is not to pick on you for the food choices you make or pressure you into changing your eating habits. Instead, my mission is to make you aware of healthier choices that can impact your life, help you find a balance between eating healthy and unhealthy and provide you with tips when experimenting with different foods in the kitchen.

Cooking shouldn’t feel 100 percent like work. It should be fun because it gives you the opportunity to be creative and try new things.

Our job is to make cooking for you more enjoyable and give you plenty of nutritious and yummy recipes to try. From restaurant reviews to columns, we know the importance of the role food plays at college. The dishes you create affect your mood and health and we want you to feel your absolute best. Especially, when you’re up late studying for exams!

Whenever you are caught in the middle between trying a new restaurant, debating against having the cheeseburger or the pasta, or considering a more healthy diet, just know that we’re one click away.