Makeup Monday: Benefit Lip Stain Product Review

With the end of the semester nearing, most of us have more important things to worry about than whether or not our lip product is going to stay on all day.

While our schedules are filled and our days are long, Benefits Lip Stain is the perfect solution. With different shades that give your lips a beautiful pop of color while vibrant all day long, you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

How to Apply to Lips

First, shake the bottle to ensure the product is fresh. Next, unscrew the applicator brush from the bottle and make sure to wipe off any excess product before applying to the lips.

Too much product can cause the stain to spread and seep onto the skin around the lips.

After you’ve gotten the brush ready, it’s time to coat the lips completely with product. Once you’ve done this, let the stain dry for around 30 seconds to ensure long-lasting color.

When times up, your lips will be perfectly stained and ready to go!

How to Apply to Cheeks

Who thought a lip product easily doubles as an accent for your lovely cheekbones?

Much like applying this product to your lips, always make sure the bottle is well shaken and your skin free of any excess product before putting it onto your cheeks.

A little product goes a long way when staining your cheeks – dot the liquid under your cheekbones and lightly blend upwards with your finger.

For a more dramatic look, simply add a few more drops of the stain and blend.

Blending with Lip Stick

Want to add a little more pizazz to your lips? Allowing the stain to dry, then add dimension by applying a darker or lighter lipstick to your lips.

This will set the color while adding a bit more color.

Adding Gloss

Benefits Lip Stain works perfectly with glosses, too.

After shaking up the product and allowing for dry time, add a touch of gloss. Make sure not to add too much, as gloss can cause the stain to fade.