Moore Media Records

Moore Media Records is Central's own record label. In its four year of existence, MMR acts include: Bloomill, Joe Hertler, Jet Pack On, Chano, The Deep End and Rollover Radio.

Yes, Central Michigan University has its very own record label that has been managing music acts for four years now.

This year Moore Media Records, or MMR, is broadening its horizons like never before. Graduate Advisor Brad Irvan and the rest of the crew are going from managing a single act each year to six different acts in 2010.

“We all felt like it would be much better to have more acts associated with MMR,” Irvan said.

With both an office and studio in Moore Hall, the MMR crew is excited to have such a variety of musical acts on their label. Kicking off the year with a release party for last year’s artist, rapper, Klass Witta K, they are now ready to take on the challenge of multiple artists.

Ranging from a jam band like Bloomill, to acoustic folk artist Joe Hertler, MMR has increased not only the size of its lineup, but also its musical repertoire. Other MMR acts include: Jet Pack On, Chano, The Deep End and Rollover Radio.

Wednesday night will be the first live show for the new lineup, as they gather at Wayside Central, 2000 S. Mission St., for the “Battle for Broomfield.”

Irvan, who worked on the production staff before becoming the graduate advisor last year, is proud of the progress the label has made.

“We really feel like we have a lot of talent this year and all of our acts have students as members,” Irvan said.