People of Central – Joshua Huber

Story by Danielle Patrick

Photo by Hayley Seibel

Central Michigan University sophomore Joshua Huber explains how his dad is his best friend. Huber has looked up to his father throughout his whole life. His father’s actions have inspired Huber to be a better man.

“My father set the foundation for me to grow up. A lot of people don’t have a strong father figure as someone they could look up to for most of their life, but my dad is that father. All I’ve seen is him treat my mom and sister with the utmost respect,” Huber said.

A man’s dream is to have a son, so they can have that father-son bonding time. Huber recalls on certain moments he has spent with his dad.

“Sometimes we would go to the movies or go grab lunch. While we are alone, we talk about completely different things that we wouldn’t talk with the whole family. We have deep conversations and I know he’s someone I could always talk to for good advice.”

As we get older, we sometimes gain friends and lose some. Huber’s first best friend was his dad and will be his last. He’s very thankful that his dad is in his life and wouldn’t take that for granted.

“Everyone that meets my dad says he is extremely down-to-earth. My dad has raised me to be nice and to always be a gentleman. I’m a copy of my dad, which isn’t a bad thing. He’s my favorite person in the world,” Huber said.