Seven Ways to Stay Motivated All Semester Long

Sometimes, college students tend to lose their motivation as they hit that mid-semester mark as we are on the cusp of spring break and sunshine.

Here are some tips to stay motivated and finish strong!

Get up and get ready for class

When you look good, you feel good. Take the extra time out of your morning to pick out a nice outfit and actually get prepared for your day before rushing out the door.

It’s a lot easier to throw on some sweats and rush to class, however, giving yourself some time to look as good as you feel and prepare for the day ahead will benefit you throughout the semester.

Schedule some “you” time

This step is much easier said than done. College students like ourselves are incredibly busy. We spend our days running from class to work, and so on.

However, the saying is true, the best time for you time is when you have no time. Although it seems impossible, take time out of your busiest days to do something you enjoy. This could include watching Netflix, coloring, reading a book or even just playing on your computer for a bit.

Even if you are extremely busy and only have 20 minutes to spare in your jam-packed day, take advantage of that small amount of time. Your sanity throughout the semester is important.

Stay on top of assignments and exams

It’s easy to procrastinate. This is something we know you don’t need to hear twice. But, it actually isn’t as difficult as we think to stay ahead of the game.

If you’re taking notes in class and know that there’s a good chance the information you’re learning is probable test material, pull out your notecards and jot it down. This way, you can spend less time scribbling down those grueling notecards for test prep.

Another great way to stay ahead of the game is to make a specific time and place to complete assignments. When you have an assignment due, at least three days before the due date, make a note in your planner to get the assignment finished.

Have fun

You only get a few short years in college. Although it seems like there’s no time to go out and have fun with friends – think again!

Even when classes get tough, the weekends are time for relaxation. You will drive yourself up the wall if you try to test your sanity by spending each waking hour studying or working.

Go out, have some fun, and plan on drinking some coffee and getting down and dirty with your homework the next day.

Treat yo’ self

Chocolate makes us happy. It’s a proven fact.

Although eating healthy and maintaining a steady diet is good for you, so is being happy. When you’re starting to get stressed with life, allow yourself to indulge a bit.

Grab your favorite chocolate bar from the corner store and treat your taste buds. Besides, you probably deserve it.

Get to know your professors

This is a very important step in remaining motivated all semester long. Talking to your professors and getting to know them, along with allowing them to know you, will help you tremendously in the long run.

Being on a personal, first name basis with your profs will give you that extra push in class. We all know how important our grades are, however, the truth is that we’re more likely to try harder when we’re trying to impress a friend.


This step seems to contradict the advice to eat sugar-filled food, but regular exercise improves mood, relieves stress, releases endorphins and much more.

Not only is it great for our bodies and minds, it just makes us feel good! Even after going to the gym and spending a few minutes on the elliptical, it gives us a huge sense of accomplishment. It almost feels like we really have our lives completely pulled together.