Spooky Pets

Story and photos by: Izzie Pasciolla

Whether you are looking for ideas of how to dress up your pet this Halloween or you are feeling down and need some cute animal pictures to pick you up, you’ve come to right place. Here are some CMU students and their pets dressed and ready for the spooky season.

Jenna Mueller has two costumes for her dog, Autumn. Autumn is a high energy pup who loves running in big circles, especially carrying around her “utters.”


Gabby Bicknell has a matching costume with her cat, George. The two will be Pennywise and Georgie for Halloween this year.

Finally, I would be completely remiss if I left out my own dogs. Here is Oscar, my brother’s purebred husky, borrowing his cousin’s hedgehog costume.

Last but not least, here is my black lab/hound mix, Zeus, in his two costumes: a Jack-o-Latern and the infamous hedgehog.

(If you look closely you can see the absolute agony Zeus is in while wearing the hedgehog costume, which is why it was so kindly given to his cousin).