Stay Classy: Top Classroom trends

With only weeks to spare before dressing for winter, fall is the perfect season to show off all the cute outfits hanging in your closet.

Not everyone likes to get up and get ready for class, but there are fashionistas on campus who deserve a shoutout and some recognition.

Berkley junior Jalexis Sawchuck is one of these fashionistas. She likes to dress to impress because she never knows where her day will take her.

“I like to look cute and presentable because I never know who I’m going to run into,” she said. “I would like to be prepared if I’m going to make a good impression on a possible connection. I love leather too. Anything far from basic.”

To make an impression, take a look at the top five styles roaming Central Michigan University academic buildings this season.

1. Jean Jackets

If you haven’t noticed, denim is back in style. Girls wearing this ’90s trend are making a statement. Not only are jean jackets comfortable and cute, but they are most practical when sitting in a class where the temperature is more cold than the temperature outside.

2. Chic prescription glasses

Ray-Ban style frames are hot in and out of the classroom. They give you a studious look when hitting the library and you are able to rock them out for an eventful night downtown.

3. High pony

Girls all over campus are strutting around with their super cute ponytails bouncing up and down. It is super easy to achieve and very playful at the same time. Diva Ariana Grande has brought back the ‘half-up half-down’ hairstyle to add a little sass in your everyday hair routine. Personally, this look has been my go-to flow.

4. Fresh in my white-tee
A classic white T-shirt never goes out of style. Guys usually wear the shirt underneath their sweaters or button ups for a clean look. Ladies will show off the shirt while wearing an unbuttoned flannel, tucking it in their adorable skinny jeans.

5. Planner
Several students have their daily planners with them at all times. Aside from clothing, they are a great way to show off your personal style, whether that be with with Greek letters or with photos of loved ones. This trend that keeps you organized and stylish.