Student Style Spotlight: Erica Francis

Walking around campus, you’ll see a variety of styles. Some like to dress simple and others like to put a little fashion in their life. Holland sophomore Erica Francis shares how she takes her style to the next level.

GC: Where did you get your outfit?
EF: I got my dress from a boutique called Tikal in downtown Holland and I’m wearing Sperry’s.

GC: Do you enjoy putting clothes together?
EF: I love putting clothes together, it usually takes me a very long time to pick out an outfit for the day or night because I have to make sure everything goes together perfectly, and that includes the shoes.

GC: Is dressing up a way you express yourself?
EF: It definitely is a way of expressing myself, and my mood. If I’m tired I will wear sweats, if I am feeling happy, I will usually wear a skirt or dress, and so on. I feel like people can get a pretty good sense of who someone is just by looking at what someone is wearing.

GC: What is your favorite ideal outfit?
EF: My favorite ideal outfit is anything that has to do with high heels, I’m obsessed. If I feel like dressing up, I will throw on a cute peplum dress or skirt and some pumps, or if I feel like dressing down I will wear high heels with jeans and a cut top and some simple jewelry.

GC: What is one of your favorite things to make your outfit pop?
EF: Shoes are a must when you want your outfit to stand out. Shoes can make or break your outfit and can change the mood of your outfit up quite a bit.

GC: Where is your favorite store to shop?
EF: My favorite places to shop would be small boutiques in downtown areas because then you don’t have to worry about other girls having your same outfit. But, sometimes those boutiques can be a bit pricey so I like to stick to cheaper stores like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. They have great style for decent price, and their shoes are amazing.

GC: What are you hoping to see in fall 2012 fashion?
EF: I am hoping that leg warmers are still in style, along with dark jeans with neutral colors. I also hope to see some fun, crazy patterned pea coats come out. I am looking forward to this fall and all the fashion that is in store for it.