Superiority of books

Printed books are becoming a dying breed.

With the increased popularity of tablets, e-readers and e-books, bookshops and print books are becoming obsolete. While sales of e-readers have reached a plateau, I do not want to become part of a world where physical books are all but a distant memory.

As my feature writing Professor Dr. Hartman said, “You actually believe old technology is better than new technology?” And my answer is simple. Yes.

Books are not just a physical object for me, but also something that provides comfort and childhood memories. As I was growing up, my mom read to me every day. Not to toot my own horn, but I was reading at a fourth grade level before I even started kindergarten. But beyond that, I found every trip to the bookstore to be a magical experience, and it still is for me today.

The first big chapter book I remember reading was the first Harry Potter novel, and it was one of the most magical experiences of my life, pun intended. It opened my eyes to worlds I’d never envisioned before, and the journey never stopped. Now I’m becoming a fiction writer and I’m creating my own worlds, characters and creatures for others to enjoy and have their own magical experiences.

However, with the invention of tablets and e-readers, print books have become rather obsolete and the magical experiences are starting to dwindle.

Borders bookstores went out of business in 2011 because of the e-reader and e-book craze. I’ve even succumbed to the e-reader trend by purchasing a nook by Barnes & Noble, but I rarely use it. I’ve bought some nook exclusives and even purchased books ahead of time before they were published in print, but even this doesn’t outweigh the magical feeling of holding an actual printed novel.

Some people will often ask why I would buy a book for $20 when I can get the e-version for $10. Why carry around eight books when you can carry them all in an e-reader and not have to deal with all that added weight in your bag? Why read at all when there’s an endless supply of television shows and movies to watch on Netflix?

And my answer for all of those questions can be answered in one sentence. Because books transport you to worlds you’ve never seen and take you on journeys you’ve only dreamt of.

Nothing truly beats the weight of a book in your hands. It’s a solid, yet comforting weight. You’re holding a whole world in your hands, and it’s a very powerful feeling. And when you first open a new book and hear the spine crack, well lets just say it gives me chills. And let’s not forget about the smell of a brand new book. It’s the smell of comfort, it’s calming and it has a hint of inspiration to it.

Books are magical, sublime, rare creatures. They allow their readers to imagine the worlds, characters and creatures within them in their own way. I buy books every chance I can, devour them, cherish them, take inspiration from them and share them with my friends and family.

Books may be “old technology,” but they will never die out.