Ten Songs to Get You Through Single’s Awareness Day

Watching everyone post pictures of the same red roses, sugary chocolates and overly-expensive dinners on social media is a constant reminder (to those who do not have a significant other) why Valentine’s Day can be annoying.

So, if you’re single this year and have to watch couples stare lovingly into each other’s eyes on Saturday, make sure you have the perfect playlist at the ready to cheer you up.

1. Beyoncé  – “Single Ladies”

This is an essential to any single’s playlist. It’s one of the most danceable songs ever created, and it was written by Queen Bey – making it a double plus. Let the catchy hook be a reminder that the right one did not come yet, and if they did, they would’ve put a ring on it.

2. Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

This holiday sometimes acts as an excuse to rekindle things with an old flame. Just in case the thought of getting back with the ex that broke your heart runs through your mind, use this song as a reminder that you made the right choice.

3. Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass”

Although this song is a little older, it’s one of the best songs to dance to, which is important when you’re celebrating with your single friends by cracking open a bottle of wine.

4. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”

A more recent hit by Bruno Mars, this song will continue the good vibes this Single’s Awareness Day. From its unique beats to Mars’ angelic voice, this song will have you in a good mood in no time.

5. Ariana Grande – “Break Free”

This pop hit is a single person’s anthem on what some consider the most artificially romantic day of the year. You’re free and single, and that is completely okay. Celebrate your freedom by jumping around to Ariana Grande’s amazing vocals.

6. Chris Brown – “Loyal”

Most of your feelings about why you’re single will likely be featured in this song. These feelings are probably a result of checking your social media accounts and seeing that ex is now with someone you despise. Instead of being upset, take this day to appreciate those in your life that are indeed loyal.

7. Rae Sreummrd – “No Type”

All of us who are single know that Valentine’s Day is one day when it’s impossible to deny that you don’t have a significant other. From couples cuddled up in booths at restaurants to photos of their “perfect gifts” on social media, it’s hard to ignore. If you’re single this year, don’t worry about it – just focus on yourself. For right now, in the words of Rae Sreummrd, “You don’t got no type.”

8. Wiz Khalifa – “Young, Wild and Free”

The best part about being single is not having to explain your actions. If you feel like sleeping for 24 hours, do it. This stage of your life should not be about pleasing someone else. Take this song as a declaration to doing whatever you want. After all, you only live once.

9. Jay Z – “99 Problems” 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t have a Valentine’s Day date, you might have 99 problems, but your plans for Feb. 14 won’t be one.

10. Big Sean – “IDFWU”

A jam session would not be complete without this newfound anthem whose theme screams, “I’m over it.” If you can check your Instagram and see your ex indulging in Valentine’s Day festivities without becoming disgusted by their new relationship, then you have officially moved on and have survived Single’s Awareness Day.


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    Joseph Conciatori

    The best song for Singles Awareness Day is Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic, “Go Your Own Way”, with “Love Stinks” by J. Geils Band my personal #2.

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