The Brass Café: Exotic flavors, local produce

The Brass Café is like no other.

One of the few locally owned restaurants in Mount Pleasant, The Brass Café, 128 S. Main St., prides itself in being different from the other area restaurants.

“I don’t think there is anybody offering what we offer,” Sue Paton, owner of The Brass Café said.

What is it the Brass is offering that can’t be found at other restaurants? Fresh produce and meats from local farms throughout Mid-Michigan.

Brass Cafe and Saloon is located on Main St. in downtown Mount Pleasant. (Lisa McCartney | Grand Central Magazine)

“We use local when we can,” Paton said. “Of course…we are in Michigan.”

Throughout the summer and fall, Emma Currie, the Brass Café’s chef, shops local farms for fresh fruits, vegetable and honey. A garden near the restaurant grows fresh herbs for seasoning the dishes made at the restaurant.

Meats are also purchased from Michigan farmers, most of them local.

“We get our chicken from the next county over,” Paton said. “Our chicken is chemical free and all of our pork and beef are chemical free as well.”

Paton has a concern for the environment. All cleaning products used at the restaurant are “green” and anything that can be recycled is.

“Emma and I actually do (the recycling) personally,” Paton said. “We drive it over (to the recycling center) and sort it.”

Paton and Currie care about their carbon footprint. Paton said it makes sense to buy local for better health and a cleaner environment.

There is plenty of local fare to choose from on the menu. Salads with locally grown lettuce, quiche with eggs produced in Isabella County or the Mojo Marinated Chicken Breast from chickens raised on a nearby Amish farm.
Paton and Currie are so concerned about the environment, even food left over from the days menu get put to good use.

“We don’t waste a lot of food,” Paton said. “We just make soup. You never waste food if you make soup.”

The Brass Café is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.