The Latest Trend: Nose Piercings

noseringThey are sparkly, stylish and if you adjust it in public, people are definitely going to assume you’re picking your nose. Nose piercings have been rapidly growing in popularity, especially within the last year and are becoming a cute go-to accessory for girls all over Central Michigan University’s campus.

“I got a nose ring because it’s an extra cute accessory that I’ll always have on without having to think about it. I loved the way it looked on everyone else who had one, so I decided to get one too,” said Allen Park freshman, Marissa Flores.

The most attractive trait of a nose piercing is the simplicity of its accessory. If you’re looking to add a little extra bling to your life, a nose piercing might be the perfect option for you. A little rhinestone stud is just enough to give off some girly vibes with an edgy twist.

“I got my nose ring because I thought it was pretty. I never wanted a big hoop or anything but I have noticed that they have become more popular,” said Haylee Black.

The two most common peircings are the nostril and the septum.

Nose RingThe nostril piercing usually includes either a stud or a ring on either the left or right side of your nose and is easy to rock, no matter what your personal style is like.

The septum is a ring that hangs underneath your nostrils. Septum piercings are more attention-grabbing and a perfect match for someone who identifies with a predominantly boho, hipster or indie chic sense of style.

Not sure if you can handle the pain? Not to worry!

Magnetic nose studs and adjustable rings are available at body jewelry stores for affordable prices. Trying out a couple magnetic styles is a great way to experiment with what type of nose piercing is most flattering to your face shape and what type of piercing you think would be manageable to wear in your everyday life.

Mix and match with colors and rhinestones to find a perfect look made just for you before you decide to go permanent.