Top Five self-tanner lotions

When people think of summer time, they often think of spending time outside basking in the sun. The sun can provide benefits such as vitamin D when exposed to it in moderation, but the long-term effects of sun exposure can be harmful. For those looking to get that summer glow without the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, there is an alternative.


Self-tanners come in a variety of types — ranging from lotions to wipes to aerosol sprays. With different types to pick from, you’ll be sure to find the hassle-free one that gives you that “I just got came back from someplace tropical” glow. Below are the top five best self-tanners.

1. Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System

This at home self airbrush tanning provides a sunless tan that lasts for seven to 10 days. It can be found in stores or online at and It offers the benefits of a tanning salon airbrush tan, but for much cheaper and in the privacy of your own home.

2. Fake Bake Self-Tanning lotion

Depending on the specific type of Fake Bake purchased, each one offers different benefits. Some lotions offer color on contact, while others are developed gradually. The end result is still a flawless tan that will last for days and won’t transfer on clothes. Fake Bake can be found in-store or online at, and This lotion is suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

3. Jergens Natural Glow lotion

This lotion comes in two different types and can be found at your local drugstore or online at One type of this lotion is a natural moisturizing lotion for skin tones fair to medium and medium to tan. The other type is a firming moisturizing lotion, which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as seven days. For those interested in getting that sun-kissed glow on their face, they can also try Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer designed specifically for the face with SPF 20 protection.

4. Sun Laboratories lotion

Like the Fake Bake self-tanning lotion, the Sun Laboratories lotion also comes in a variety of types. It’s pricier than the other lotions but offers the benefits of being suitable for all skin tones, instant color to avoid streaking, and contains moisturizers to keep skin soft. This lotion can be found online at

5. Mystic Tan lotion

Mystic Tan lotion offers similar benefits to the ones received during a spray tan done at a salon. Different lotions of this line act as different steps to achieve the darkest level of color. The first step is a base lotion, which includes an exfoliater (to prime skin for sunless tanner), accelerator (fasten the results) and hydrator (keeps skin smooth).

The second step is the build, which is available in a lotion or spray. Its formula is quick drying and deep penetrating. The third step is the boost enhancer lotion, which promotes healthy-looking skin as well as helps maintain your color longer. The fourth and final step is the glow moisturizer. This lotion has SPF 15 protection and helps promote your skin’s natural glow. It can also help protect and maintain your sunless tanner. This lotion is available at select fine retailer stores and more information can be found at

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend outside this summer, you can still trick people into thinking you did. Whichever self tanner you end up choosing is sure to leave you glowing.