Trend report: Warby Parker glasses

Most of us have been there. That moment when you’re told that you need glasses, for whatever reason, and the next step is to fork out half your savings on a pair of oddly shaped and colored frames that you don’t even really like anyway.

There is hope, though. Recently trending in the world of fashionable eyewear, are gender-neutral Warby Parker glasses. Dedicated to providing their customers with high quality prescription eyewear, Warby Parker offers a variety of glasses at a reasonable cost.

Find your perfect look among the 27 various vintage-contemporary styles, which are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and prints. There is a pair for everyone, for a price of about $95.

Overwhelmed by the number of styles to choose from? According to, as stated in its 2012 annual report, the state of Michigan most commonly chose the “zagg” frame style.

Want to break away from the norm? There are tons of other styles to choose from.

Another reason to hop aboard the Warby Parker train- with every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker distributes a free pair of lenses to someone in need.

You now get the best of both worlds – looking good and feeling good.

One Central Michigan University student, Grand Rapids senior Jon Moss, initially heard about Warby Parker via Facebook and decided to check it out.

“When I was looking for some new ones (glasses), I went onto the website and I found a pair that I liked,” Moss said.

Moss is very satisfied with his glasses. He says they are affordable and, for the cheap price, sturdy and reliable.

“I think they look good and they support the look I’m going for. They are classier and a good price for what you get,” he said.

With winter winding down and the summer months rapidly approaching, a new pair of sunglasses may be in order as well. Warby Parker sells both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses available in fresh new styles unseen in other stores.

Hey, we all know glasses aren’t free. Warby Parker offers hip, trendy glasses for every type of person out there for an affordable cost.

As college students, most of us don’t have enough money to go grocery shopping let alone buy a pair of glasses. If you have to spend the money, you might as well spend wisely with a pair of Warby Parkers that you are proud to wear everyday.

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