Viral Video: “How to be a DJ” – by TjGildin

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In wake of last weekend’s Wompapalooza festival, this video jumped out as something special.

Just as with any new style, electronic/dance/trance/dubstep music has recently been plagued with “mainstream re-packaging”. This term can be used to describe the presence of corporate hands – ringing a fresh concept for its “hipness”.

The interwoven variations of electronic music have been readied for the mainstream market through the watering down of genre obscurities (the unique concepts), exploitation of trends (now cheap gimmicks) and the creation of a preferable listener image (usually not cool). This has resulted in two things: bad music, and worse DJs.

Flocks of laptop-toting wannabees can be found performing at almost every club on Earth. Scarfs, mohawks, and names like, “DJ Tommy Toughnuts”, are a dime-a-dozen.

To those who enjoy all forms of music, this video reminds us to keep a good sense of humor. Being spiteful over someone’s poor music choices can guarantee a bitter listening world. Try not to let one bad experience ruin a style.

Everyone wants to be a rock star, but most shouldn’t be.

TjGildin from Youtube had some fun with this. Slippery Jerry… a great name for a product pitchman.