Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Grown-up

Entering into the adult world doesn’t mean you have to wear high heels and pant suits every day.

It simply means that you can make your individual style more sophisticated without getting judged for ‘dressing up’ during your class lectures.

Giving your style a makeover will be easier than you think with these helpful tips.

1. The T-Shirt

Every collegiate has at least one, if not dozens – single colored T-shirts. There are multiple ways you can spruce up that boring grey V-neck shirt by putting a blazer over it or with the addition of a statement necklace. You can also try on a light scarf to add a pop of color.

2. Ballet Flats

Not everyone enjoys heels and can walk well in them. Ballet flats are both comfortable and stylish for any occasion. Change your worn out flats for an ‘almond’ shaped toe flat. Having a slightly pointed toe helps add sophistication to any outfit and keep your foot from looking “childish.”

3. Structured Tote

Handbags are a must for any woman whether you’re graduating or not. Having the right kind of bag can set you apart from having that college girl look. Go for a sturdier, structured tote when leaving college. Having a sturdy tote will allow you to throw in a change of shoes, gym clothes or a lunch for those commuting to work.

4. Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans with rips and an acid wash may have been cool in college, but in the adult world, it won’t get you very far. When looking for jeans, remember the simpler they are, the better. Having a dark jean will allow you to wear them for multiple occasions, such as in the office and going out.

5. Wedges

Not only are wedges easier to walk in than pumps, but they also go with almost anything. From shorts to dresses to jeans, wedges will glam up your look. Flip flops will no longer be acceptable except for on the beach, so toss those out. Wedges will allow you to enjoy the spring and summer weather in the office and keep you looking sophisticated at the same time.

6. The LBD

The LBD, or little black dress, does not need to leave your closet. Although you may not be partying at Fraternity houses anymore, it doesn’t mean you won’t go out after college. Keep buying those cute black dresses but keep everyone guessing what’s underneath. If you want to show off your legs make sure that the neckline is higher and vice versa.

Adjusting to your new ‘grown-up’ wardrobe may be difficult at first, but don’t give up. Embrace the switch with confidence and show potential employers that you are a mature graduate ready to take on any task.