What are they wearing? Student spotlight: Brianna Hanert

We stopped Central Michigan University students walking on campus and asked them how they keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Brianna Hanert showing off her Spring attire. (Katelyn Ayaub | Grand Central Magazine)

Spring has finally arrived, which means spring fashions are here.

The spring season is great for fashion because of the colorful and exciting clothes. This spring, the styles and trends are brightly colored clothes and floral patterned clothes.

Brianna Hanert, a family studies freshman, also loves spring because of the clothes. Hanert said that she especially enjoys dressing up when it is warm out.

Wednesday was the first day that it actually felt like spring, and that’s when I caught Hanert walking on campus in her spring attire. Her bright red shirt is from Target, 4097 East Bluegrass Road, her floral skirt is from Rue 21, and her black high heels are from Deb, 4208 East Blue Grass Road.

All of these stores have great deals on clothes because they are inexpensive and last a long time. Hanert also jazzed up her outfit with some stylish jewelry.

Her gold earrings are from Pier 1 Imports, her black flowered ring is from Fashion Bug,  2145 South Mission, and her orange and gold bracelets are from Forever21.

“My favorite store to shop at is Forever21 because they have a big selection of cute, unique clothes that are inexpensive,” Hanert said.

Forever21 currently has its spring collection out, and the clothes are very fun.

This season’s clothes are brightly colored, have unique patterns and a large variety of different designs. In addition, Forever21 is a great place to buy jewelry and accessories because it is so affordable.

They sell earrings, rings, sunglasses, nail polish, headbands, makeup and much more.

Target is also a great place to shop for this time of year. Target has great styles and their clothes are also reasonably priced and last for a long time.

Right now they have a huge selection of swimsuits out with all different designs. There are bikinis, tankinis and one-piece swimsuits, which are all very stylish.

Target is also a great place to buy spring clothes, such as tank tops and shorts. Currently, they have a wide variety of tank tops for only $8.

“I enjoy dressing up and looking stylish,” Hanert said.

Hanert is a fashionable, smart shopper because she knows the spring styles that are out right now and the best places to find them at a great price.

Look for more stylish spring clothes at these stores in Mount Pleasant.