What to Wear Here: The SAC

Even though it’s not a club or a mall, there are some helpful tips when it comes to how to dress comfortable yet fashionable at the gym. When going to the SAC, you should pick the right clothes to help you be motivated and more relaxed when you start feeling the burn. There are different varieties of places to choose from such as Lululemon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dunham’s Sport. Each place has a huge selection of workout apparel that is flexible and efficient but still gives off a clean and trendy look. Here are some ideas to keep a lookout for clothes to wear to the gym so you’re driven and ready to break a sweat.

In today’s gym world, the fitter the clothes the better. No more will you need to buy an over-sized T-shirt to go to the gym. Start looking for tank tops and tight-fitted shirts made out of moisture-wicking fabric; this type of fabric keeps away sweat and helps you stay cool and dry when working out. Designers like Under Armour, Nike and Adidas have these types of tops, and are known for their athletic clothing.

When looking for bottoms, always think of the type of exercises you’ll be doing; from yoga to running on the treadmill, different pants are suitable for different exercises. In general, you should look for pants that have an adjustable waistline and stay in place. The more comfortable you are, the more you are willing to keep working out.

Just like bottoms, it all depends on the exercise. When looking for shoes, your best bet is probably walking or running shoes that are light weight so it won’t feel like you’re running in heavy shoes. Choose a pair that are breathable and adaptable to your feet.