Wine Wednesday: Defending boxed wine

Everyone knows that boxed wine is an easy go-to during college years – a special shout out to Franzia. However, boxed wine has a stigma of being cheap and poor in taste, but this is simply untrue. Not only is boxed wine convenient, it can be classy.

Here are five reasons why you should consider boxed wine on your next trip to the liquor store:

1. It’s less expensive than bottled wine

Ranging from $9 to $15, boxed wine is cheap and easy to buy when trying to maintain the typical, “broke college student” lifestyle.

2. It’s easy to store in the fridge

Sliding onto that middle shelf, that box of wine fit perfectly between almost anything in your fridge – whether it’s orange juice or eggs.

3. It’s portable

Coming with a handle, boxes are mobile-friendly and always a fun surprise to bring to a party.

4. It’s extremely durable and virtually unbreakable

With no worry of shattering a glass bottle, there is less caution and worry when traveling with a box of wine. Who knew cardboard could be so reassuring?

5. It carries a large amount of wine

Boxes of wine typically carry five liters, making the cheap price even more worth your while. With this large amount of wine, you can supply a handful of people with a great, maybe fuzzy, night out.