Beauty Tips: YouTube Beauty Gurus

Bored with sporting the same hair and makeup everyday? Learn the secrets of your favorite makeup and hairstyles in just a click.

Have you ever tried to recreate a natural makeup look for class or chignon for a night out?

Mastering these tricky techniques can often be difficult when following step-by-step tips in a magazine. Put down that gloss and tune into YouTube for video tutorials done by real girls demonstrating the secrets to your favorite looks.

YouTube Benefits:

– FREE tutorials on how to achieve virtually any hair or makeup look.

– Ease of replicating makeup and hairstyles.

– New inspiration for your personal style.

– Real girls using a variety of products from drugstore to designer.

– Reviews of products you might be hesitant to try yourself.

Top 3 Beauty Gurus to Follow:


College girls on any budget will love Elle’s videos. Check out her simple hair tutorials for that perfect look and watch product reviews to discover new goodies at all price points.

Click to watch video.


The QUEEN of all things makeup. Tiffany’s videos are straightforward and easy to follow.

She explains her makeup application process step-by-step and zooms in so you can see her makeup techniques.

Click to watch video.


Ingrid shows you how to achieve natural everyday looks that are ideal for busy college girls on the go. She has a happy, upbeat attitude as she walks you through the basics of beautiful makeup.

Click to watch video.

Check out Elise’s full blog at

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