Books to Look for in 2018

Story by: Jordan Raes
Photo via @Unsplash

Reading for leisure can be easily overlooked in college. It can be easy to overlook when you are drowning in homework. However, 2018 has a lot of great books coming out — books that need to be read, especially by college students. Here is a list of some of the top books coming out in 2018:

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“So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo  

Beautifully written and straight to the point, “So You Want to Talk About Race” is a book everyone should read in 2018. Oluo asks the hard hitting questions everyone should be asking themselves. Oluo addresses race through topics such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, privilege, the “N” word and police brutality. As college students, many will soon be entering the real world where race is something you need to be apart of and it is something you need to question yourself on. This book is now on sale. You can purchase the book here.

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“Feel Free” by Zadie Smith

In a series of essays that are broken into five sections, “In the World,” “In the Audience,” “In the Gallery,” “On the Bookshelf” and “Feel Free,” this book explores issues that are close to everyone, especially college students. Smith dives deep into her own life and current events. This collection of essays is important for college students to read to see the world from the eyes of others. This book will be on sale January 29, you can preorder it here

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“The House of Impossible Beauties” by Joseph Cassaras

Set in 1980s New York, this novels dives into the world of LGBT through the eyes of Angel, a 17-year-old who comes into her own and is a part of the Harlem ballroom scene. This book is inspired by the real House of Xtravaganza that was made famous in the film “Paris is Burning.” The reader gets to see the world of drag and ball culture back then. This book is a great way for college students to catch a glimpse of the world and to get to enjoy the wonderful voice of Cassaras. It’s a tragic love story that will stay with you. This book is currently on sale, you can buy it here

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“The Female Persuasion” by Meg Wolitzer

This novel addresses what it means to be a women in today’s world. It talks about all of the important issues from sexual assault to reproductive rights. This is a great collection of essays that explores the issues all women need to worry about. Wolitzer wrote an intelligent and important novel for all women, college women included. This book will be on sale April 3. You can preorder it here.